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How to Activate Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

QuickBooks accounting software enables a user to work simultaneously on several features, such as handling payroll, invoices, bill payments, bank deposits and many more. The constant updates provided by the developers allow the users to enjoy an uninterrupted service, which in turn allows them to save time and energy in handling accounts related issues.

Another very essential feature of QuickBooks is Direct Deposit of payroll on the employee accounts. The DD or direct deposits can be run from the Payroll, and the employees can be paid directly from the QuickBooks desktop. The Direct deposit services can be activated through the following:

Steps to Sign up and Activation of Direct Deposit

  • One of the primary requirement is that you require a supported version of the software
  • QuickBooks desktop subscription needs to be active
  • You need to have an EIN or federal Employer identification number
  • An ACH (automated clearing house) transaction account

Call in our QuickBooks customer support team to find out the details regarding the Direct Deposit feature, if you possess the above-mentioned requirements. Alternatively, try the below-mentioned.

Steps to Activate the Direct Deposit Feature on QuickBooks Desktop Accounts

  • Go to the ‘EMPLOYEES’ menu, and click on ‘MY PAYROLL SERVICES’
  • Enter the Direct deposit feature and other legal information. Enter only the first five digits of the code, without the extensions.
  • Click on the appropriate INDUSTRY
  • After that, enter details such as EMAIL ID, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, and DATE OF BIRTH of the Owner of the company.
  • Enter the PAYROLL ADMINISTRATOR INFORMATION, BANK INFORMATION, such as the bank account details enrolled in the QuickBooks account, and which you are going to use for paying the employees.
  • An agreement will be displayed, you need to click on the box to finish the details. The users will be asked to enter a SECURITY QUESTION to secure the details registered.
  • Click ‘SUBMIT’ once you have completed the form. Once you have submitted, a CONFIRMATION will be sent, which can be printed and stored for future references.

If you encounter a problem or the form does not get submitted, delete the information and re-enter once again manually. If the problem persists, call in the QuickBooks technical support team for help and resolution on the issue.

Once submitted, the QuickBooks will allow you to directly deposit the pay on the employee’s accounts. Before proceeding to deposit the amount, check the entered details to ensure they are correct.

In order to authenticate the Direct Deposit feature on your QuickBooks account, the QuickBooks team will withdraw two small amounts from the bank account registered. Confirm these transactions on the QuickBooks account to activate Direct deposit feature.

Also, before doing the Direct Deposits, check the employee bank account details, verify all information provided, and also ask for the approval of the employees before starting the Direct Deposits.

The Direct Deposit feature gets activated as soon as the activation process is complete and verification is done by checking the two small transactions done on the account. You can start depositing the PAYROLL directly now to the employee accounts.

Contact for QuickBooks Technical Assistance

In case of any issues regarding the PAYROLL or the Direct Deposit feature, our QuickBooks Online Support team is available to assist you in the process. Do not proceed in case any error appears while activating the Direct Deposit feature. Stop and delete data, and call QuickBooks Enterprise Support experts with the concern/error code to ensure safe and secure transactions through the software on the toll free Quickbooks Support Phone Number


Article Name: How to Activate Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll
Description: Set up and activate direct deposit in QuickBooks desktop by these simple steps. Also know how employees can be paid directly from the QuickBooks, For QuickBooks technical support contact us 1 844 313 4856.
Author Name: George Reagan
Publisher Name:
Activate Direct Deposit in QuickBooks

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