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Sage 50 Error 3032

Sage 50 accounting software is known for their exceptional services & features and all these features require proper installation and configuration. Sage tech support team can help you get this safe and accurate installation done. Sage Customer Support team and Sage product help will also help you to get rid of any type of Accounting related issues. While working on Sage 50 you may encounter, Sage 50 Error 3032, we will tell you how to get rid of this error in no time. With Sage Data Repair Help utility software, you can easily track the SAGE errors, warnings, message, comments, you can easily get the data loss repair done and will also able to repair the damage and data loss that occurred while upgrading them.

Why Sage 50 Error 3032 Occurs?

This error occurs may be because single user version is installed of the Sage 50 instead of multi-user version. It happens because it could be available in 2 version systems. If single-user version is installed of Sage 50, then you just have to get it installed on your system, which will store the program and all the data files. But it is not same in the multi-user version. For multi-user version, you have to get the program installed on server first, so that it could hold all the data files of the company.

After getting done with this, try running the installation on the systems that can access the database of the company. In order to fix the problem, get the program reinstalled as the multi-user.

Sage 50 Installation The Multi-User Version

  • Get the setup CD of Sage 50 inserted on the server’s optical drive and wait for a while till it get launched
  • If in case you are having a download version, the installer can be launched by just clicking twice on the file which is downloaded
  • Choose Install 50 Accounting and then click on Next. Then go to the window of licensed agreement and after checking the bix, hit Next. Keep following the instructions coming on the screen in order to disable the firewall temporarily and after that click Next. Type serial number and hit the Next button
  • If the installation has to be done on server then click on Yes when you are asked, if you are looking forward to get the data files of the company stored on computer, and once doing that click on Next. In order to change the program location, you can click on Browse. Once you are done with changing the company data files location on server, click on Next
  • Cross check the location of the file that are selected by you and then click on Install to get started with the installation. Then evaluate and verify the Sharing Company Data’s available information. You can see it appearing on server while the installation is going on. Also note in which folder of server you want to share it. You can find this folder easily, in which you want to share, by opening the Windows Explorer
  • Select Properties by right clicking on folder. Click on the Sharing tab, and then check ‘Share this folder on the network’s, get the shared name added in the ‘Share Name’, you can also go with the available default name by accepting it and after that click on OK. Then you can click on Next and after that on Finish, so that installation gets complete

In case you are looking forward to complete the installation of single-user, then select Yes when asked, no matter you wanted to get it installed on the network or a single computer. Rest all the other instructions will remain same.

Conclusion :

To get a better and detailed understanding of the Sage 50 Error 3032, you can get in touch with the AccountingHub Sage tech support helpdesk, have successfully resolved various issues and answered various queries that are associated with accounting.


Article Name: Sage 50 Error 3032
Description: Getting File system Sage 50 error 3032 on your computer, Just follow the given steps for error 3032 in your Sage software. For technical support call .
Author Name: George Reagan
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Sage Error 3032

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