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Cannot Connect to Sage 50 Database on Network

Are you not able to Cannot Connect to Sage 50 Database on Network? Well, there are possibilities this error might be occurring due to incorrect data path on the host machine or maybe because of impaired Windows management Instrumentation.

In this article, we shall understand different root causes of the ‘Cannot connect to Sage 50 database on network’ error and discuss some of the easiest methods to resolve this issue.

Before we continue to talk over the technique to get rid of the ‘Cannot connect to sage 50 database on network’ error, let’s have a look some of the prime causes that trigger this type of error in Sage accounting software.

Causes of Cannot Connect to Sage 50 Database on Network Error

When you will be encountering this error, you will probably be seeing this error message on the host workstation:

Error: “Sage 50 is unable to connect to its database on a network”

Here are some of the root causes that result in this error:

  • Pervasive service have become still on the server
  • Not bale to ping the server
  • Firewall deterring program
  • Improper server title in ~PVSW~.LOC file
  • The network is Public on machine or Server
  • Distributed file system (DFS) is used in the mapped drive
  • Impaired Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  • Improper data path on machine
  • Server and machines are working on different versions

Procedure to Get rid of the ‘Cannot Connect to Sage 50 Database on Network’ Error:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Solution I: Inappropriate Data Path

You need to confirm whether the data path is right on the server or machine.

Solution II: Pervasive has become till

☑ Go to the Start ( on the server), after that open Run, or hold Windows+R keys simultaneously
☑ Write SERVICES.MSC and then enter
☑ Click on OK
☑ Do the right-click on the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine
☑ Choose Stop
☑ Do right click on the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine again
☑ Choose Start
☑ Confirm whether you can open the program without the error or not

Solution III: Firewall Configuration

Ensure you see through your firewall configuration. If there are some exemptions that are inhibiting the files of Sage 50 to access data then make the respective changes.

Solution IV: Inappropriate or no Server Name in ~PVSW~.LOC File

☑ Look for the data path
☑ Click on the ~PVSW~.LOC file in notepad
☑ Swap the inappropriate server name with the right server name

Solution V: Communication Problem in the Network

☑ Try to ping the server by name on your machine.
☑ When the server is open, try to ping the machine by typing the name
☑ If you get a timed out the message on any of the above steps, ensure to speak to the expert network manager.

Solution VI: Network is Public either on the Machine or Server

☑ Go to Start, then to Control Panel, and then click on the Network & Sharing Center
☑ Confirm whether your network is set as Public or not
☑ Ensure you contact technical experts to allocate connection to the right network profile, or modify exemptions to the firewall for the right profile till the issue is resolved.

Solution VII: Mapped the Drive by Making use of the IP Address

☑ Disengage the mapped drive
☑ Try to connect the drive by using the name of the server

Solution VIII: Impaired Pervasive Database on the server

☑ Try to uninstall the pervasive engines
☑ After that, install the pervasive another time
☑ Lastly, try to confirm whether you are now able to open your company accounts or not.

Solution IX: Make use of DFS for the Mapped Drive

Sage 50 accounting software application is not compatible with the DFS share. Hence, you need to disable the drive and map the drive simply by making use of the customary UNC path.

Solution X: Server and Machines on Different Versions

Make sure that your server and the machine(s) are on the matching version and upgrade. If not, then install the newest upgrade to the server and all machines. You can check the upgrades by:
☑ Got to Services
☑ Look for recent upgrades in the software.

Solution XI: Impaired WMI

☑ Firstly, press the WINDOWS KEY + R simultaneously on your keyboard
☑ When the Run window opens, type eventvwr
☑ Press OK
☑ Press on the Windows Logs, and then click on Application
☑ In case, you still see error messages indicating WMI, you will have to seek the assistance of the Sage professional.

Final Words:

Look up for the professional advice of the Accountinghub Sage 50 helpdesk and get instant help to get rid of the Cannot connect to sage 50 database on network’ error. Our experts are accessible at our Sage helpline


Article Name: Cannot Connect to Sage 50 Database on Network
Description: Looking for Solution "Cannot Connect to Sage 50 Database on Network", In this article, understand causes of the ‘Cannot connect to Sage 50 database on network’ error and discuss some of the easiest methods to resolve this issue. For Sage 50 technical support call
Author Name: George Reagan
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Cannot Connect to Sage 50 Database on Network

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