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Change Employee Payroll Information in QuickBooks Desktop

Are you looking for the answer of this question: How to Change Employee Payroll Information in QuickBooks Desktop? Then let me tell you you are at the right place, because we are going to tell you how to do that step by step. You can also call Accountinghub QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number helpdesk in case any further assistance you are seeking. State allowance form or W-4 Form of employee may be needed by you in order to get the modification done.

Employee details could be modified anytime: DOB, legal time, earnings, schedule, direct deposits, additions, class, state allowances, state filling status, federal filing status etc. are the details that you can edit as per your convenience.

Modifications that are effective in the period of next pay: state lived along with other taxes.

Details that can’t be modified by you in QuickBooks Desktop and you have to get it touch with the QuickBooks product help or application help team: SSN, credit card for advanced income credit, Medicare, FUT, SUI and SDI. Retroactive modifications in the payrolls that are created earlier, during current year state lived, state worked and other similar taxes.

Changing the Employee Information in QuickBooks Payroll Desktop

🔶 First of all choose the Employees and after that select Employee Center
🔶 Then click twice on employee name whose details of payrolls you have to edit or modify
🔶 After that go to the window of Edit Employee and then tap on the tab of Payroll info
🔶 Then edit the details of the payroll of the employee

Total Time: 5 minutes

Name Change of the Employee

🔶 Select the employees first and after that Enter Center
🔶 Then click twice on the name of the employee
🔶 Once you are done with this, visit personal tab and add the correct name of the employee under the heading Legal Name
🔶 Click on OK in the last

Adding the Additional item in Payroll

🔶 Go to the column named as Item Name and then choose the last item from the list
🔶 Now from the arrow showing the drop down, choose the payroll item
🔶 In the last, tap on OK so that the changes made by you are saved

How to Edit the Annual Limit, Percentage and Amount of the Payroll item

🔶 In order to modify the item, first of all choose the Annual or Hourly rate, Limit column or amount for that particular item
🔶 Then make the changes in limit, percentage or amount
🔶 In the last, save the changes by clicking on OK

Adding the Tax Purposes it Holding or Modifying the Tax withholding

🔶 First of all click on Taxes
🔶 Then click on the Edit and after that choose the Insert Line
🔶 At last, save the modification by clicking on OK

Deleting the Payroll item

🔶 Choose the item that has to be eliminated
🔶 Then choose the Edit and after that click on the delete line
🔶 Save the changes done by you, by clicking on OK

Reactivating the Released or Terminated Employee

🔶 Get the view of all the employees changed by visiting Employee center
🔶 Then click twice on the name of the employee whom you want to reactivate
🔶 After that click on the tab of Employment info
🔶 Then erase release dates to make the field blank. Now go to the QuickBooks Desktop and by clicking on termination tab, get the termination details eliminated
🔶 Then remove the checkmark on the box which says the worker is inactive
🔶 Then save the changes done by clicking on the OK

Contact AccountingHub

Our AccountingHub QuickBooks POS Support team will help you to provide the further assistance, in case you are facing any issue. Our QuickBooks Enterprise help team and QuickBooks application help will ensure that your queries are sorted out on priority basis. You can contact our QuickBooks product help and help-desk by dialing our Quickbooks Support Phone Number 1 844 313 4856.


Article Name: Change Employee Payroll Information in QuickBooks Desktop
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Change Employee Payroll Information in QuickBooks

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