How to Resolve Com Error Crashes in QuickBooks?

Com Error in QuickBooks

This article will show how you can fix Com error crashes in QuickBooks.

The Crash : Com error occurs when email, invoices and other transactions and reports are opened in QuickBooks. The solutions below should be tried in the given order and then try the process that caused the error after every solution. If the error persists, go to the next solution.

Step for Fix Com Error Crashes in QuickBooks

Solution 1: Outlook Must be Up to Date

After opening Outlook, users must go to File -> Office Account -> Update Options -> Update Now. Then, users must check that the Com error isn’t occurring again.

Solution 2:  Making Outlook the Default Email Application

Users must go to Control Panel -> Default Programs- > Set your default programs. Then, users must choose MS Outlook from the list of programs and then choose Set This Program As Default. Next, users must choose OK.

Solution 3: Adding a Mail Account to MS Outlook

  • First, users must choose the File menu in Outlook and then choose Add Account for starting the setup.
  • Next, users must provide the email address that has to be added and then choose Connect. Then, users must enter the password that they use for the email ID and then choose OK. Next, users must choose OK for completing the setup.

NOTE: If QB can’t detect Outlook, users must restart the computer and repair QB. To check if QB can/can’t detect Outlook, users must select Edit > Preferences > Send Forms > My Preferences tab to check if there’s the option for choosing Outlook.

Solution 4: Toggling the Mail Settings

  • First, users must navigate to Control Panel-> Mail and then select MS Outlook.
  • Then, users must choose Show Profile in the Mail Setup window. In case Always Use This Profile has been selected already, users must select Prompt For A Profile To Be Used and then select Apply. (These two steps can be skipped if Outlook is already the default mail program).
  • Next, users must toggle back to Always Use This Profile and then choose Apply. Once this is done, choose OK.

Solution 5: Creating a New Outlook Profile

  • First, users must close MS Outlook and then navigate to Control Panel-> Mail. Next, users must choose Show Profiles in the Mail Setup window, followed by choosing Add. Now, users must provide the profile name in Profile Name and then choose OK.
  • Then, an email account must be added to be used in the profile by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Next, under Always Use This Profile, users must choose the drop-down menu and then choose the new profile, followed by choosing Apply and then OK.

NOTE: The existing MS Outlook profile won’t be deleted by this.

Solution 6: Repairing MS Office and Running Windows Update

If users are unable to repair MS Office and run the Windows update, they can refer to resources on these topics or speak to the AccountingHub QuickBooks Tech Support team.

Users can also seek an IT expert’s help. Risks associated with these steps are:

  • Occurrence of Windows and MS Office errors
  • MS Office license number might be lost and users might not be able to reinstall it

Solution 7: Running QB in Compatibility Mode

  • First, users might right-click on the QB icon the computer’s desktop and then choose Properties. Then, from the Compatibility tab, users must choose Run This Program In Compatibility Mode For.
  • Then, users must choose Windows 7 from the drop-down menu. Next, users must choose Run This Program As An Administrator, followed by choosing Apply and then OK.

Solution 8: Adding Windows Admin User

First, a Windows user with Admin rights must be created. Then, users must log into Windows with the new user and then reopen QuickBooks.

If these solutions don’t work, users should call our AccountingHub QuickBooks Technical Support Team at the toll-free helpline  .