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How to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier?

QuickBooks Enterprise version is one of the powerful finance management systems with outstanding enhanced functionalities and features. Although QuickBooks enterprise contains unlimited accounting options in many scenarios it does not suit the business requirements like it is too expensive or when there is a need for limited features for running a small organization. In such a case, it is a great option to convert the enterprise version to the premier. 

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Why do you Need to Convert QB Enterprise to Pro/Premier?

  • Selecting the right version varies with the organization size and the need for the functionalities and features. If you are already using the Enterprise version of QuickBooks and find that it’s not meeting the business requirements. 
  • If you require the basic functions available in QB pro or premier version 
  • When your company discovers the enterprise version is too expensive according to the organization budget then it may be time for processing QB enterprise to Pro conversion
  • If you realize your business does not require sophisticated inventory tools, there is a need for less than users and general features then it is the best decision to downgrade your QuickBooks enterprise version to the Pro version.

How to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro Conversion?

It has been confirmed that there is no direct method available to convert QuickBooks Desktop enterprise to pro but you can still do it. You have to export data from enterprise and then import the same into QB pro. This process might be frustrating or complex if done without any expert assistance. Therefore you can opt for the QuickBooks downgrade migration service from any QB reseller website because Intuit will not help you in migrating some versions. Hence you need to choose the trustworthy one with respect to its experience and credibility. Let’s discuss the method to convert QB enterprise to QuickBooks Pro if you decide to do it by yourself. 

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1-Importing Enterprise Files to QuickBooks:

☑ First of all login to the QuickBooks
☑ Now create an enterprise file backup and then save it on the local System
☑ Restore the backup file and then create a copy 
☑ Now open the home screen of the Enterprise version 
☑ Press Ctrl +1 to launch the Product information window
☑ Hit Ctrl +b 
☑ Press Ctrl+q
☑ Hit OK
☑ Enter the QuickBooks credentials on the screen
☑ Click on Next
☑ Place a tick mark on the checkbox named Terms of service 
☑ Hit Submit tab
☑ Select the list you need to import and then go-ahead

Step 2: Export Data from QB Enterprise Version:

Follow the below steps to Export Data from QuickBooks Enterprise:
☑ Open the Payroll/Customer/’supplier center
☑ Give a click on the drop-down menu named Excel
☑ Choose Export list if you need to export data like contact information, name, customer balance, or employee
☑ Select Export transactions if you need exporting specific transaction
☑ Hit on the option named Create a new worksheet
☑ Choose Export button
☑ Following are the steps you need to follow to export items:
☑ Locate menu named lists 
☑ Hit item list
☑ Give a click on the drop-down named excel
☑ Choose Export all items
☑ Select Create New Worksheet
☑ Hit Export button

Below are the Instructions to Export Reports:
☑ Locate the report
☑ Hit tab named create new worksheet from the drop down named Excel
☑ Click Preferences 
☑ Select Export 
☑ Now you need to repeat the above procedure for suppliers, lists, customers, and reports.

Step 3-Convert the File to Premier or Pro Version:

☑ Open QBDT
☑ Choose the company files that you need to convert
☑ Hit Convert tab
☑ Follow the instructions you see in the Prompt

Step 4- Follow the Post-Conversion Steps:

Restore browser default settings with the below instructions:
☑ Open the Internet explorer 
☑ Press ALT +T keys
☑ Locate Tools button
☑ Choose Security option
☑ Hit Reset all zones to default level
☑ Choose Apply button
☑ Select OK
☑ Close the Internet Explorer window

Conclusion :

Hopefully, the write-up helps you with the procedure to convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro version if you don’t require advanced inventory features of the enterprise version. In case you face difficulty in data migration or need assistance to downgrade the QuickBooks version feel free to contact the best QuickBooks downgrade service provider. You will get an exceptional service suitable to your business requirement.

👉Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1.How would I know the QuickBooks Enterprise Data Imported into QuickBooks Pro?

Ans : The several reports in QB like Profit and loss statement, Balance sheet, etc. are used to confirm the converted data accuracy. If you find the report balance match that specifies the success of company file conversion. In case any discrepancy happens you need to find the error.

Q 2.What If I Need to Create a Report in QB?

Ans :
▪ Choose the Reports tab from the main button
▪ Click on the report you need to run
▪ Select the range of the date
▪ Hit Run

Q 3.How would I Move QB Enterprise Data to Pro Edition through the Backup file?

Ans: Restore the backup to avoid manual data transfer. Follow the steps:
▪ Ensure that you store the backup file on the local drive 
▪ Login to the QuickBooks with administrator rights
▪ Hit File menu, choose Restore Company 
▪ Choose to restore a backup copy
▪ Hit option named Next
▪ Choose Browse button to select the file on the hard drive
▪ Select Open tab
▪ Hit Save option 

Q 4.Can all Companies be Converted to the Pro Version?

Ans : Yes, make sure the source enterprise company file is a compatible version and files must not be converted. If the file size is beyond the Pro and premier limit you need to review it or your service provider will help you with it. 

Which are supported versions that can be easily converted to pro?

The source company file should be US Enterprise versions 6.0 – 21.0.
QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2017 – 2021.

Q 5.Do I convert Enterprise Payroll Data?

Ans : Yes, even the payroll details can be converted to the Pro version

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Article Name: How to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier?
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How to Convert QB Enterprise to Pro or Premier

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