How to Enter Expenses in QuickBooks

Enter Expenses Into QuickBooks

Key Features of Entering Expenses in QuickBooks

If you record expenses of your business in QuickBooks, it makes sure that you have accurate accounts which ultimately help you in diminishing your Tax Liabilities and other hidden costs. It has the Enter Bill feature that helps you enter all the expenses and assignments of the business for better results.

Point to be noted:

In case, you have not linked your account and credit card with your QuickBooks Account, first, connect them both.

How does QuickBooks Expenses Help You in Your Business?

  1. You can very easily enter into QuickBooks Expenses from the home page by clicking on the + sign to bring up the transaction menu.
  2. The scenes are the same either you enter an expense via the expense option or the check option.
  3. QuickBooks helps you to choose the most appropriate option from the list given in the drop-down menu.
  4. In case of reality check or debit transaction such as EFT, the latest version used to check regardless in the desktop.
  5. In spite of the important thing, it will keep your Vendor history intact for future references.

Steps to Enter Expenses in QuickBooks:

  1. Click (+) -> menu page and under vendors, select Expenses.
  2. Under Expenses tab, select a payee and enter his/her name in the field and click Add.
  3. If the payee is new and more details are needed to add, click + Details to add more information.
  4. Choose the source of money coming from. In case, you are using a debit card, you have to use a checking account.

Enter the Purchase Payment Date

  1. Select the payment method from the drop-down menu. In case, the payment method is not available on the list, simply type the method in the payment method field and click new.
  2. Select the category from the given option under Accounts. You can always type the name of the category in the Accounts if it’s a name category of expenses and click Add new.
  3. If the items or May it services from different categories is of particular expenses, you have to enter each category and amount of these items in separate lines. Click Add lines if you want to add more categories under Expenses
  4. You can also add more details in the description to make it more specific
  5. Under the Amount field, enter the amount of the
  6. Once all the details are field up accurately in the field, click Save and New and start another one. Else, Save and Close, if you are done with entering the Expenses.

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