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Sage Error: ‘Exception Of Type ‘System.Exception Was Thrown’

Sage 50 has developed the way that will change the way how businesses were managed till date. It brings together the productivity and power together to your desktop, by ensuring utmost security and freedom to you. You can send invoices, track expenses, manage inventory, pay your employees, can control your cash flow, receive payments and get all the taxes prepared, at one place that too in hassle-free manner.

The best part of Sage 50 accounting software is that it answers all your issues efficiently. It will help you to know how much are you getting paid, what amount you are spending on billing, this will help you in maintaining the positive cash flow. Sage accounting software helps in retrieving and organizing all your credits, returns invoices, it ensures that your financial data is managed in the best possible way.

Today we are going to discuss about the error named as, Exception of Type System Exception Was Thrown. This error may occur when you click on the date of the session and after the warning message of optional backup appears, you will notice this error message popping up. It reportedly appears in Windows 8 and 7. This error message won’t close or crash your Sage 50 program. You may also receive this error message while you are navigating through your Reports.

Steps To Fix Sage Error: ‘Exception Of Type ‘System.Exception Was Thrown’

Make sure you check few things, as mentioned below, before you start using the Sage 50:

⛔ Go to the company file’s SAJ folder and make sure the folder you are trying to open, should not have the read only folders of files
⛔ Check if the ports of Sage 50 is blocked or not.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Solution 1: Sage 50 Installer Usage

🔶 Navigate through the C:\Sage\[ this is the Sage software version, which is getting crashed]\setup\
🔶 Click twice on setup.exe
🔶 You will receive a prompt saying that installation of software is already done, click on OK
🔶 Choose Add/Remove Program Components, then click on Next
🔶 Remove the checkmark from Sample Data and then click on Next. Go ahead with further modifications
🔶 If the error is still popping up then try repeating point first and fifth, but make sure that Business Intelligence is unchecked this time, in case Sage 50 or lower version is used by you If Sage 50 Accounting 2014 and higher is used by you then you have to navigate through the Control Panel, then to Program and the Features and then go to Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting and right click on it and then select Uninstall
🔶 Get the repair done on installation by running the setup.exe again
🔶 Then for the last time run setup.exe, so that the features are added to it which were disabled previously in order to have the functionalities same as before

Solution 2: Getting The Reports Folder Checked

If you are noticing the error message while selecting the Sage 50 Intelligence report, make sure that the template folder is working properly.

🔶 Get the Sample Company opened by closing the company file
🔶 Default location for that is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Simply Accounting\2014\SAMDATA\
🔶 Then tap on Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting
🔶 When the error message saying “Exception of type ‘System.Exception’ was thrown” pop ups, click on OK
🔶 Now from the pop-up that flashes, select the option saying Report Template Folder
🔶 Go browsing the template folder and then click on the OK option
🔶 Now check whether the Sage 50 Intelligence reports are opening or not in sample company. If it is so, then it should also be able to open in your company file
🔶 If the storage location of the template is on server, then make sure that you have shared the folder and also have the correct accessible permissions from the workstation.

Final Words :

For any further assistance, you can always get in touch with our AccountingHub Sage product help team. Experts at our Sage tech support helpdesk are ready to answer all your queries and questions timely, without causing any unnecessary delays. You can dial our to have a direct conversation with our AccountingHub Sage Customer Support team.


Article Name: Sage Error: ‘Exception Of Type ‘System.Exception Was Thrown’
Description: If you get the Sage Error: 'Exception of type 'System.Exception was Thrown' Read this article here are the proper solution for resolve this issue. if you want to technical support call tollfree .
Author Name: George Reagan
Publisher Name:
Sage 50 System Exception was Thrown

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