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How do I Export and Import Company records in Sage

Have you tried exporting and importing data in Sage?  If not, you are yet to explore some important benefits provided by this popular accounting software. This is indeed a useful feature embedded in sage 50. With this, you can effortlessly migrate your company files and other critical data to and fro between Sage and another source and can save a lot of time in the bargain. In this blog, we will provide you an easy and step-by-step procedure to export and import company records in Sage.

Here we go!

Steps to Export Company Records from Sage 50

Here are the steps to follow-

  • Click on the File  tab
  • Navigate to the Import/Export section
  • Now click Export Records
  • Choose the  ‘Export records to a Sage 50 import file format’ option
  • Click on  Next to continue
  • Now choose the record type you wish to export. 

Please note– you can export only one record at one point in time

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  • Assign your preferred but an unique name to your file
  • Click on  Browse 
  • Select your preferred location to export your company record.
  • Click on Next to proceed
  • You can opt to select the items you need to export one after another. Alternately, you can select all of them in one batch by clicking the box  Select All
  • Click Next to continue
  • Click OK to proceed
  • Once the exporting process gets completed,  a prompt will appear on your screen , asking you to click on the Finish tab, if satisfied

Way to Import Company Records from Sage 50?

You can follow the below-mentioned steps  to import records back into the company file in Sage 50 –

  • Open Sage 50
  • Now open the Sage company file to which you need to import your records 
  • Click on the File  tab
  • Navigate to the Import/Export section
  • Now click Import Records
    • Now click on the option named  Sage 50 import format  
    • Click Next 
    • You may create a backup of your records now, if you have not made one before
    • Click on Browse 
    • Now search for the record you need to import
    • Click Next  to proceed
    • Click Finish, once the import process gets completed

Here is an important point to note:

If you are using the Sage Accountant’s Edition and have previously set up a company with an existing chart of accounts, it won’t be possible for you to import your accounts . However, if you have not created a company and need to import your accounts to Sage, you will need to click on the option “Have Sage 50 create a list of accounts from an export file”. 

Final Words :

We hope the step-by-step procedure discussed above would help you export and import Company records out of and into Sage.If you have any difficulties in implementing these steps or if you have any doubts , you may speak to some of the authorized Sage experts. 

How do I Export and Import Company records in Sage

👉 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of company records I can import or export in Sage 50?

You can import or export the  types of records mentioned  below-
▪ Vendor Names
▪ Inventory Names
▪ Chart of Accounts
▪ Employee Names
▪ Customer Names
▪ Project Names

 How to export CSV files from Sage  Accounts?

In Sage Accounts, you first need to go to the report you wish to export. Then click on Export. Navigate to the folder where you wish to save the exported data. Also give a suitable file name. In the Save as  Type drop-down  box, click Comma Separated Value Files (. csv) . Click Save to complete the  process .  

Are there any  items  that can’t be  imported into Sage?

Yes. You are not allowed to import certain records into Sage directly. Some of these are –

▪ Foreign bank transactions
▪ customer delivery addresses
▪ Charities
▪ Purchase Payment (PP)
▪ CIS deductions
▪ Sales receipts (SR)
▪ Sales Discount (SD)
▪ Purchase Discount (SD)

What Is The Procedure  Exporting the Sage 100 Intelligence Reports?

Please follow the procedure  given below-

▪ You need to first right click on to the Report Name and then choose Export Report or choose Highlight The Report and then choose Export Report from under the Tools Menu
▪ Under the Save Export File As window, choose the Desired Location and then Enter File Name, if required
▪ After that, you need to click on Save
▪ Click on OK when the following message is displayed on your computer screen: “Export Succeeded. To Import This Report…..”

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