Solutions for Sage Error Code 1304

Sage Error 1304

What is Sage Error Code 1304?

Sage 50 Error Code 1304 is an installation error displaying the message, “Error 1304. Error Writing to file: Verify that you have access to the directory” or “1304 Error writing to Sage.peachtree.API.resolver.dll” You may come across this error on a system that has had no such issues before. It could happen when you try to do an AP inquiry and it would normally be confined to just one workstation even if it happens to be a local administrator with all permissions as per ACCPAC.

You may find that there’s no problem when you try the AP and GL shortcuts but as soon as you try to check your vendor activity the installer tool gets activated but is not able to run properly. It won’t stop you from getting access to your vendor activity page but you will continue to face the message “Error 1304. Error Writing to file: Verify that you have access to the directory” which becomes a nuisance as you will have to keep cancelling it every time it appears.

Causes of Sage Error Code 1304

There could be different causes for the occurrence of Sage Error Code 1304. If you happen to come across this error on a single system even when it is a local administrator and has all ACCPAC permissions, then it is most likely a system issue. If your hard drive has bad sectors or damaged areas, then Sage or for that matter any other software will face problems running successfully.

The problem with bad sectors in the HDD (hard disc drive) is that they are not repairable although it is possible to mark them out as parts of the HDD that can’t be used. Most operating systems are able to recognize these marked out bad sectors and hence won’t try to store any data there. Bad sectors develop on a perfectly fine HDD when multiple sectors are formed in it, resulting in loss of all the data in those sectors.

However, the data in the rest of the HDD will not be affected and you can continue to use it although the storage capacity of your HDD will reduce in proportion to the storage space lost in the bad sectors. You need to remember that bad sectors can also develop if the head of your HDD has a fault and that’s a more serious issue as this can affect other sectors in your HDD. Fix it as soon as you detect it.

The Sage Error Code 1304 could be related to unavailability of the necessary permissions to run the program on the particular system.

Steps for fix Sage Error Code 1304

If the issue is just about the necessary permissions not being available, all you need to do is ensure that the system facing the issue, is given the permissions.

Depending on how the Sage Error Code 1304 is analyzed on your system, you might be required to uninstall and then reinstall your .Net Framework.

Similarly, you will have to update your Windows OS with the latest installer version to ensure that this doesn’t result in any further error. Alternately, you can log out and then log in as Windows administrator.

Another solution to Sage Error Code 1304 is to reinstall Sage 50 on your system but make sure to remove any USB device that may be plugged into your system.

Finally, you need to upgrade to the newest version of Sage 50, for which, you need to go to ‘Services’ >> ‘Check for Updates’ >> ‘Check Now’.

If you’re facing further issues with Sage Error Code 1304, get in touch with our Sage Technical Support Team on toll free number any time of the day for effective resolution of the issue.