How to Fix Cannot Open QuickBooks Portable Company File

QuickBooks Error Cannot Open QuickBooks Portable Company File Fixed

The QuickBooks portable organization file or records are fundamentally in the document format that makes the organization document or file more useful. Opening a QuickBooks portable company file is much complex to opening the QuickBooks regular document or file. However, sometimes, the file or document isn’t in the related format so that one can open the file. It will demonstrate an error. Get to know the procedures of how to fix it.

Reasons for Why You Can’t Open it QuickBooks Portable Company File

  • The Copy of available file is corrupted
  • The expansion of file or records was substantially altered too.QBM
  • You are restoring the QuickBooks Portable file Copy from a portable gadget or over the framework.
  • The Copy of QuickBooks portable file is made using an extremely updated form of QuickBooks Desktop as well as its being restored in a preceding alteration for example; made in QuickBooks Desktop version 2017 and being restored in QuickBooks Desktop version 2016)

Steps to Fix Unable to open the QuickBooks Portable Organization File


  • You have to make sure that you are using the correct type of the software in order to open the QuickBooks Portable file Copy. In case you are unable to recreate the QuickBooks Portable file Copy and attempt to watch the form which you utilized to create the document or record.
  • In case the QuickBooks Portable file Copy is in an email attachment or you have downloaded through any file sharing drive, at that point you have to download the file once again.
  • In such a case, the first file or document extension is also .QBM, that document or file is not copied at all.

Resolution 1: Restore the QuickBooks Portable document file from a local online Drive

In case your QuickBooks Portable file Copy is abandoned over the portable drive or system, make a copy of the report locally. Choose the Desktop or any local drive.

Resolution 2: Rename the QuickBooks Portable Document

  • Create a copy of the QuickBooks Portable document on the Desktop.
  • Right click on the document and then pick Rename.
  • Rename the document to something direct similar to ABC.QBM
  • Restore the QuickBooks Portable document (go to the File menu > Click on the Open or Restore Company option > Now, Restore the file completely). Now, wait for it in order to complete the process.
  • In case the error still proceeds, obtain a different copy of the QuickBooks Portable Company File or document and then utilize a different media (CD, email, Removable Drive) in order to transfer the file into your system.

Major Points You Must Know:

  • You have to make sure that you have updated your QuickBooks by the latest release. Find the Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release.
  • Prior to examining the QuickBooks company file, make sure the issue is related to the company document instead of the program.
    • Tap and then hold the Ctrl key of your keyboard when clicking two times on the QuickBooks Desktop symbol.

Note: Don’t lose ‘Ctrl key’ button until you have No organization Open window into the QuickBooks .

  • In case the program gets declined, in order to open the document when holding Ctrl button, at the point look the QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t start for fundamental directions.

Note: Make sure that only a single system is streamlined the company document.

Now pick Utility option from the QuickBooks File menu list.

  • Click on the ‘Stop shorten multi-client get to’.
  • Quick tip: In case you see anything other than “Stop shorten multi-client get to”, it implies lessen is starting at now slaughtered on that system.

Quick Note: Make sure your QuickBooks installation isn’t corrupted. Open an illustration organization document and in case you face an error, at that point, you should proceed to analyze the QuickBooks Desktop installation.

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