Fix Multi User Mode Issues When Access Sage Network

Sage Multi User Mode Issues

The root problem in Sage Multi-User Mode is that when one access any file through Sage 50 network, other concurrent users sometimes fails to open the Sage file. Access denied error message comes up. You might also end up seeing “read-only” and that you don’t have sufficient rights to access that file. This can be frustrating if you don’t have some urgent work on your Sage program.

Even if you are using Sage Knowledgebase, you might end-up setting-up with multi-user mode whereas if you need to have synchronized connection, for that, you need to have new company file. Opening and closing new company by remote system might not be able to solve your problem. In that case, it is slightly difficult to have connection established while re-opening the file.

What Solution Measures You Need To Have In Multi User Mode Issues When Access Sage Network

While working on Multi-User Mode, you need to make sure that you are to start this with shortcut-icon. Ex: you might get error while working on the shortcut of the company file .sai. You should have specified company file location with the help of “Select Existing Company File Location” and you will have minimum access to multi-user mode in Sage.

If you face sign-in issue with multi-user mode right after converting/changing your data file. Removing user might not be a help. Infect, you won’t see that option in your software. If you refresh data, it won’t also be possible for you. You need to have separate multi-user license for all additional users and computers. Sage has high specificity of getting additional users or computers ready, it will show error.

You will see one computer as server and other computers/workstations as users. With the help of remote desktop access, you can easily dial into your server computer even if you start working directly on machine. All the users need to have package installed in their systems. You can link and setup your computer with virtual private network on it.

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Sage Multi User Mode Issues

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