The QuickBooks Error 15270 happens in your account when you are updating the Payroll in your system and not able to complete it because of any reason. Because of unsuccessful update you encounter this error and it display an error message on your screen that is as follow:-

QuickBooks Error 15270: The update of payroll did not complete properly. The update is missing a file.

There is a file that is missing so you didn’t know which file it is. There are various other reasons that cause you the same error. The list of reasons is listed below. Identify the reason and then choose the solution accordingly to fix QuickBooks Error 15270.

What are the Reasons that Cause the QuickBooks Error 15270

The list of the reasons that cause Error code 15270 in your QuickBooks Payroll account are as follows:-

  • There is a file that is missing from the update
  • Check the User Account Control setting that is active so, disable it
  • The download of update file is not completed
  • Files of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is corrupted
  • The system fails to download the files of the update.

Symptoms and Signs of QuickBooks Error 15270

  • When the QuickBooks Payroll Error 15270 will appear it will crash your active window program
  • Your system will often start shutting down with Error 15270 whenever the same program is run
  • Whenever the QuickBooks are open you will receive the Error Code 15270 message
  • Windows will run very slowly and response to the keyboard or mouse will be very sluggish.

Step to Fix QuickBooks Error 15270

Method 1 :

Turn off the UAC first:

Window 7:

➤ Firstly, click on Windows Start button and then select the Control Panel

➤ Then click on View from the arrow of drop down and then select the Large icons

➤ After that click on User Accounts

➤ Then click on the Change User Account Settings

➤ Then take the slider to the Never Notify and after that click on OK


➤ Click on the Window’s Start button first and after that click on Control Panel

➤ Then if the Classic View is not selected already then go to the window’s left side

➤ After that click twice on the User Accounts

➤ Then click the Turn User Account Control on or off
Get the User Account Control (UAC) cleared, in order to protect your computer and after that click on OK

➤ Restart the computer

➤ Then by restarting the QuickBooks get your company file opened

The Steps to Run the Quick Fix of Error 15270 are Mentioned Here:-

Method 2 :

➤ Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub in your system

➤ Now go to the Program problems

➤ Then click on the option name Quick fix my program

➤ After this, it starts scanning the program and then fixes the issues in it

➤ It takes a few minutes to do it and then you are done.

Steps if the QuickBooks Error 15270 Doesn’t Get Resolved

Method 3:

➤ Verify whether the Payroll membership/subscription is active or not.

➤ Then go to the Standard/Basic or Enhanced Payroll: Then click on Employees and then to My Payroll Service and after that to Account Info/Preferences or Account/Billing Information. After that login to your Account to check your QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance and then validate the subscription status, whether it is active or not.

➤ For the Assisted Payroll: Click on Employees and then on My Payroll Service after that Info/Preferences or Account/Billing Information. As soon as the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance gets opened, close the display in order to perform the update along with the re-validation of the payroll service.

➤ Make sure that the Internet Explorer is your default browser, if not then open Internet Options menu and then select Programs tab. Then under the Default Web Browser select the Make Default button

➤ Now for the moment turn off the User Account Controls and shut off the User Account Controls in Windows Vista, 7 and 8

➤ Then find the paysub.ini file and remake it or delete it

➤ And in the last perform the Clean install of the QuickBooks in the Selective Startup

Steps for Updating the QuickBooks from the Help Menu

  • First of all click on Help menu present at the top
  • Then select the Update QuickBooks
  • Click the Options tab from the centre
  • Then click on Mark All in order to get the QuickBooks update downloaded automatically
  • Click on Save
  • After that go to the tab of Update Now
  • Then go to the checkbox and in Reset Update box put a check-mark
  • Once you receive the pop-up saying Download Completed, click on Close
  • Then Close the QuickBooks and then re-open it to check

Contact AccountingHub for Fix QuickBooks Error 15270

In conclusion, you have to follow the solution according to the reasons to fix QuickBooks Error 15270. The solution helps you in resolving the error on your own. You can also connect with the QuickBooks customer helpdesk team who is here 24/7 hours to help you out. In case of any issues or queries get in touch with QuickBooks professionals and also get the best assistance in resolving your issues.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to QuickBooks Error 15270

1. How to get QuickBooks Tool Hub in your system?

Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub from quality source

Then, install it by double-clicking on the downloaded file

Follow the instructions display on the screen

After completing the instructions, the installation is done

Now, Double-click on the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon to open it and you are done.

2. How to make Internet Explorer as the default web browser?

First of all, go to the Internet Explorer and then open it

Then click on the Gear like icon that is in the top-right side of window

From the drop-down options click on the Internet Options

Go to Default Web browser Section

Then click on the Make default

Now the Internet Explorer is your default web browser.

3. How can I check my Payroll Subscription active or not to fix QuickBooks Error 15270?

In QuickBooks Desktop

Click on the Employees menu

Then select the My Payroll Service option

Further, go to Account and Billing information

See the page QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance

If you are not able to see this page then you are not login to your
account. Do login and then check subscription for payroll.