There are the chances that you may suffer some issues while working on QuickBooks, and all these problems are inevitable as no software can ever work without having some flaws. Remember, sometimes and not always!

By integrating your business operations with QuickBooks, your business journey will become extremely smooth and easy. Not just that it gives you the open hand to choose the version that suits your preferences, you have all the freedom to either opt for Desktop version or QuickBooks Online version.

If the QuickBooks is unable to create the PDF, then PDF and Print Repair Tool is the answer to all your problems. Yes! You heard it correct. If you are having issues while you are emailing forms, saving a doc or something as PDF or printing transactions in QuickBooks Desktop, then all you have to do is get the QuickBooks PDF and Print Repair Tool.

Steps for Fix QuickBooks Unable to Create PDF?

Try following these steps to get rid of the problem, before calling QuickBooks customer support team:

  • Get all the temporary internet files and cookies deleted from your browser
  • Those who are using Internet Explorer, should get their encrypted page settings updated
  • Firefox users should start using Adobe PDF handler if they are currently using the integrated PDF handler
  • Now, try printing an image by using the different browser
  • Don’t forget to disable the pop-up blocker
  • To open the PDF file in Mac, set Reader or Adobe Acrobat as your default app

As we know that this error is related with the printing and mailing of PDF files. It occurs generally when you are trying to create, email or print the report. As soon as you try doing this, error message will come suddenly or the QuickBooks will get closed abruptly. So, we believe that you should be aware of the reason why this error is occurring, before you get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical Support team. And the possible reasons could be any, from the ones mentioned below.

Step by QuickBooks to fix PDF and Print Repair Tool.

  • You are unable to connect with the currently selected Microsoft XPS Document writer on XPS port, printer
  • Unable to print to the printer
  • Error occurs, QuickBooks is unable to complete the action because of the missing component, could be a component of missing pdf file
  • QuickBooks not responding
  • PDF converter is shown offline
  • You can’t directly print to QuickBooks PDF Converter
  • Device not ready
  • Can’t save as .PDF file
  • QuickBooks not saving the reports and form as .pdf
  • While reconciling accounts the QuickBooks freezes
  • 32-bit Applications, print driver host is not working
  • Error unrecoverable
  • QuickBooks PDF Converter Activation Error -41, -20 or -30
  • Error 1801 or 1722 occurs when PDF Converter is installed
  • Problems in printing reports and transactions

We understand that it could be annoying to see this while you are trying to mail the invoice to the customers. User, in this case will also receive a message saying, “Your forms were not sent because QuickBooks could not create the necessary PDF file.”

File could also be saved by tapping on Print button. Ensure that Acrobat and Adobe Reader is able to open the PDF files easily by default.

Technical Support for QuickBooks Unable to Create PDF

If in case the solutions mentioned above doesn’t help and you are still facing issues, then get in touch with our QuickBooks tech support team. Users can dial our and have a direct conversation with our QuickBooks Technical Support team.