How to Fix Sage 300 CRE Error 2723

Sage 300 Error 2723

Sage accounting software is designed to increase the growth of businesses of all size and sectors. It has introduced different products to meet the requirements of different industries. Sage 300 CRE is one Sage product that is specially recommended for Construction and Real Estate Sector. At times, due to some reasons the user encounters issues while installing the software that gives rise to installation issues. For fixing the issue, you need to connect with the Sage customer support number.

Sage 300 CRE is specially designed for construction and real estate sectors. Sage 300 CRE software assists constructor, builder and real estate administrators and they can grow their business better. It offers easy usability in accounting, estimations, total job cost, project and service management, acquisition, and property and payroll management. The common error arises when Sage 300 CRE is installed in an incorrect location, mapped drive and network share.

Possible Causes of the Error Code 2723

  • Corrupted and deleted entries in the windows registry and this corruption leads to wrongly linked information.
  • Corrupted Windows system files and system files error.
  • Incomplete installation or installation can be reasons.
  • Improper delete applications and hardware.
  • Due to infected virus or spy-ware attack and improper shutdown of the computer.
  • Corrupted and deleted entries in the windows registry and this corruption leads to wrongly linked information.

Possible reasons that give rise to Sage 300 CRE Error 2723

When Sage 300 CRE is installed from an improper location, network share, or mapped drive, the error is the most likely cause. It is suggested that do not map a network directly to the 9.5 folder and/or verify that you are installing from the appropriate location:

  • A network drive mapped to the Timberline Office shared folder (a drive letter mapped to \ \[servername]\Timberline Office)
  • Preferred: The UNC path to the server’s client installer at \ \[servername]\Timberline Office\9.5\Accounting\Wininst\install.exe.

Step to fix Sage 50 Error 2723

As discussed above manually installing Pervasive/Actian returns the Error: “2723.Directory manager not installed pervasive. Setup has detected that PSQL 10.30 components have been previously installed on the target system by OEM/ISV installation. Let’s learn the process to troubleshoot this Sage 300 CRE Error 2723 with the below discussed solutions:

Solutions 1: First log on as an administrator.

  • Go to the start button and select All programs > Accessories > System Tool.
  • A new window will open and after this select “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and click on “Next” button.
  • In this window, click on a “Restore Point” and then click on the “Next” Tab.
  • In the confirmation window again, click on “Next” button.
  • When restoration will finish, user should restart the computer.

Solution 2:

  • Remove the OEM Version of the software 
    • Go to the Programs and Features – Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the current version of Pervasive/Actian 
    •  Should the uninstall fail try uninstalling the software using the Microsoft Installer Removal Utility located at
    • Once the program has successfully been removed verify that all Pervasive/Actian assemblies have been removed from C:\Windows\Assemblies
      • Open the Windows Explorer and then browse to the C:\Windows\Assembly
      • Look for any assemblies that start with Pervasive.*.* (ex. Pervasive.Data.Common or Pervasive.Data.SqlClient or Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.Entity)
      • Uninstall the assembly by right-clicking on the same and choose the Uninstall button
    • If you receive an access denied, verify that you have the correct permissions. If you get past the access denied error continue with the installation otherwise proceed to the following steps:
      • Open your command prompt as Admin 
      • Then click Start and type “cmd” in the search box 
      • Right-click on the cmd prompt and choose option “Run as an Administrator” 
      • Go to the console window and type “cd /d %windir%\assembly” and then hit the “Enter” key 
      • Again, type “attrib -r -h -s desktop.ini” and then press the enter key 
      • Now, type “ren desktop.ini desktop.bak” and then hit the Enter key 
      • After that, type the “Explorer” and then hit the Enter key from your console 
      • When windows explorer opens browse to C:\Windows\Assembly
      • The assembly view should now be windows folders
      • Look for any Pervasive folders or Files in any of the *Gac* or Temp folders
      • Delete any files of folders that have Pervasive in its name
      • Once that’s done switch back to the console window and Type, “ren desktop.ini desktop.bak2”
      • Type -> “ren desktop.bak desktop.ini”
  • Re-run the prerequisites installer 
  • Again, rename the Pervasive Software folder under the HKLM > Software and HKLM > Software > Wow6432node.

Final Words :

If the Sage 300 CRE Error 2723 still persists, you can contact our customer support executives at which is toll free. We have highly qualified professionals who would surely assist you regarding your concerns. You can contact us anytime. We are a trusted third party agency and hire professionals who are knowledgeable as well as experienced in handling Sage related issues. You can call us on our toll free number and get instant resolutions for your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can the disabling of the Anti-Virus Software fix Sage 300 CRE Error 2723?

Ans : However, an infected virus or spyware attack is also one of the reasons so; you can try to fix it by disabling the Anti-Virus Software. If you are using a pirated copy of the software then we would recommend that you do not install it. These copies have viruses and malwares that can permanently impact your system and even steal data from your system. It is suggested that you always purchase the original software. If you purchased the software from any certified dealer or online then you can easily disable the security software. 

Q2. Is it a good idea to get the prerequisites for Sage 300 CRE software before launching the setup to prevent Sage 300 CRE Error 2723 installation issue?

Ans : Yes, it must be a good idea if you install all the prerequisites for this software before launching the setup process. This is also important because the installer might crash if the prerequisite programs are not available on your system even if the software successfully installs.  As a result, there would be future errors in using the certain functionality. On all the prerequisite programs, the .NET framework is the most important one. If the framework is not available on your system then the installer will crash from time to time.

Q3. How do I install this .NET framework in Sage 300 software? 

Ans: It is quite simple and hassle-free to install the .NET framework:

💠 First, download the .NET Framework setup from the official Microsoft’s website 
💠 Start the installation setup process
💠 Next, follow the installation wizard instructions to successfully install it 
💠 Finally, click “Finish” and then reboot your PC.