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How To Fix Sage 50 “System.IO.FileLOadException Error”

The Sage 50 error “System.IO.FileLOadException” happens when the user try to retrieve the COM class factory for the component but failed. This error happens because of many more reasons that are mentioned below. You also get the solution to resolve this error and it is directly provided by the Sage Support team who is always here to help you out. You just need to follow the process to get your issue fixed in no time. The team members are educated, trained, expert, and professionals who are able to understand your queries and problems. Also get you the best solution according to your requirements.

Causes For Sage 50 “System.IO.FileLOadException Error”

  • Corrupted Pervasive.
  • Latest release of service has to be installed.
  • Installation of the service is interrupted to not install properly.

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Steps For Fix Sage 50 “System.IO.FileLOadException Error”

There are different solutions that can be opt according to the cause. The solution is up-to-date and verified directly by the team. The solutions are as follows:-

Solution 1- Repair And Do Reinstall The Sage Software

  1. Go to the Start menu and then find the control Panel
  2. Open the Control Panel by double-click on it
  3. In this, click on the option Programs or Programs and features
  4. Then ADD/Remove program
  5. The list is opened from this click on the Sage 50 Accounting
  6. Choose the option Change
  7. Do select the Repair and then click on the Next option
  8. After this the repair process is started
  9. When it’s complete successfully then do install the latest update of the Sage.

Solution 2- Update Is Not Installed Correctly

  1. Download and install the update of Sage 50
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions
  3. Then click on the Finish button
  4. Also update the company data file to get you work started
  5. Then check that any error occur or not.

Solution 3-Uninstall And Re-Install Pervasive

  1. In the Control Panel, you need to select the programs and features
  2. Select the Pervasive PSQL and Actian PSQL to uninstall
  3. Also delete or rename their related folders and files in the C: Drive
  4. After that in the RUN window type regedit
  5. The Windows registry Editor is opened
  6. Rename the following files if they exists
    1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHILE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Pervasive Software
    4. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHILE\SOFTWARE\Pervasive Software
  7. Now you need to again re-install it
  8. After re-installation, check that still, error occurs or not.

How To Get In Touch?

For more information, you need to contact the support team via Sage 50 customer support toll-free number . The team members are experienced and provide services from last 2 decades. They never let you go without resolving the glitches. You can also contact them via Sage 50 live chat or email as they are available all around the clock so you can ask for the help anytime from anywhere.


Article Name: How To Fix Sage 50 “System.IO.FileLOadException Error”
Description: Appears Sage 50 System.IO.FileLOadException error while using Sage 50?, know what is the reason of this error and follow given 3 solution for resolve this error, If you want to talk our Sage 50 solution expert just call .
Author Name: George Reagan
Publisher Name:
System.IO.FileLOadException Error

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