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How To Fix Sage Decline Code 000006 – 0008 Error

Sage 50 is an amazing software and is mostly used by small to medium size businesses. With its enormous number of features, Sage software helps businesses in handling various operations like accounting department, invoicing, cash flows and many more effectively. Any business can rely on the software because of its secure and easy access.

It also has features that keep a proper track of all the business transactions. Not only this, it offers proper security related to the bank transactions that take place online. While using the Sage software, one can come across Sage 50 Error Code 000006 – Error 0008.

Why Sage Decline Code 000006 Error 0008 Comes?

  • In case File of the Windows system gets damaged or corrupted.
  • Installation did not get completed of any file or any application.
  • Improper shutting down of the system properly.
  • Virus

Steps for Resolve The Sage Decline Code 000006 Error 0008

Total Time: 5 minutes

Solution 1 Uninstall the My SQL CONNECTOR

πŸ”· Select the Start then click on the Control Panel and then on
πŸ”· Uninstall the My SQL CONNECTOR/ODBC 3.51.
πŸ”· Start the system once again and unlock sage 50.

Solution 2 (For Windows Vista or Higher)

πŸ”· Click on the Start button from the Windows then on the Control Panel and then on the Network Sharing Center.
πŸ”· Change the adapter settings from the top left hand side.
πŸ”· From the Network Connection and click on
πŸ”· Make sure the internet Protocol version 6 is not selected.
πŸ”· Reboot the system after clicking on OK.

Solution 3: (Unchecked the IPV6 in the Registry)

πŸ”· Holding the Enter button, write the regedit after selecting the Windows start menu.
πŸ”· Again select the Windows start menu, and write regedit after clicking on Run and then select
πŸ”· Before proceeding with the process, create a new file after taking the backup.
πŸ”· Select the dword (32-bit) value after clicking on Edit, then on
πŸ”· Press on the disabled components (by holding Number 0, letter f and letter f and click on OK).
πŸ”· Re-launch your system again.

Final Words :

If the above steps do not prove to be helpful and you are not able to solve the Sage 50 Error Code 000006 – Error 0008, contact our Sage Help Desk Team experts. They are there to help you in case of Sage Error 0008. They are highly skilled. You can speak to them via the toll free number anytime.

πŸ‘‰ Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How can I Reset My Sage 50 Account?

Ans : First of all, Go to Settings, then tap on Data Management. Next, click on Reset my Data. Finally, enter the email address you use to sign in to your Sage service, then tap on β€œDelete Data.”

Q 2. How many Computers can I Install Sage 50 on?

Ans :A license must be purchased for each and every computer on which a Sage 50 product is installed. Sage Accountants Network (SAN) members can purchase from 2 to 40 user installations.

Q 3. How Long does it take to Resolve the Sage 50 Error 000006 – 008?

Ans : It would hardly take 6 mins to resolve the error 000006 – 008. You just need to follow the resolving process properly.Β 

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