How to Fix Sage 50 Installation Error 1607

Sage Error Code 1607

Sage 50 Installation Error 1607 is caused when the installation does not have the required level of access to specific areas of the computer. The most common cause for this is that the Windows user is not an administrator. If the user is an administrator, there may be an issue with access to a specific folder that isn’t covered by the administrator’s broad access. It doesn’t necessarily imply that the code was flawed in some manner; it just means that it didn’t work during its execution.

Unless managed and resolved, this type of issue will appear as an annoyance on your screen. Don’t panic! We are here to help you via this article as it contains information that shows you how to fix Sage 50 Installation Error 1607 When Installing Sage both (manually) and (automatically).

What is Sage Error 1607?

The error code for Runtime Error 1607 When Installing Sage comprises a numeric error number as well as a technical description. In Runtime Error 1607 When Installing Sage format, the error may include extra parameters in some circumstances. The address of the memory location where the instructions were loaded at the moment of the error is represented by an extra hexadecimal value. When you receive Sage Installation Error 1607 then you may also receive an error message:

Causes of  Sage Error 1607:

There can be many factors which may have resulted in such installation errors in your system. Few of them are like:

  • An incomplete installation
  • An incomplete uninstall can also be one of the reason
  • Improper deletion of applications or hardware
  • It can also be possible if the system is recovered from a virus or adware attack by an improper shutdown of the computer
  • Accidently deletion of the Sage related files or documents by some other program.

Step to Fix Sage Error 1607

The Sage Error 1607 can be resolved by following the steps below:

Method I

  • Restart your system and retry installing the Sage software.
  • In case this error is caused due to restricted access to the Temp folder, then:
  • Press Windows key along with the R and type %temp%.
  • Press Enter.
  • After locating the address bar, click on the folder to the left of Temp. Windows XP.
  • Click on the up folder level image on the screen.
  • Right click on the Temp file and select the properties option.
  • Go to Security option there.
  • Select edit then add.
  • Type Everyone in the dialog box.
  • Check names and see if the Multiple Names Found window is opened in your system.
  • Click on OK option.
  • “Everyone” is now highlighted or underlined.
  • In the Allow column of the Window, select option Full Control.
  • Click OK
  • Finally install the software again.

Method II

  • There are some Registry Entries which are associated with the Error 1607, repair them.
  • Run full Malware scan on your system.
  • Run Disk Cleanup and clean all the system junk files.
  • Update your system’s PC Device Drivers.
  • Undo all the recent system changes.
  • Uninstall and re-install the Sage software.
  • Run Windows system file checker (“sfc/scannow”)
  • Install all window updates available.
  • Perform a Clean Installation of the Windows on your system.

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Method 3: Run Disk Cleanup

This kind of error can also be experienced due to a very low free space on your system. To amend this, you can try:

  • Consider the backing up of your files and freeing up space or try to make more space on your hard drive
  • You can also do clear the cache and reboot your PC
  • Try to run Disk Cleanup, open the Explorer window and then right-click on the main directory
  • Click “Properties” >>> “Disk Cleanup”.

Method 4: Reinstall the Graphics Driver

If the error is caused due to bad graphics then you should try the following:

  • First, open the Device Manager and then locate the graphics driver
  • Do a right-click on the video card driver and hit “uninstall” then restart your PC.

If the above methods don’t work or don’t resolve the issue then you can perform.

Some Addition Methods that may Help you in Error Rectification:

  • If there are some Registry Entries related to Error 1607 then you need to repair them
  • Undo all the recent system modifications
  • Run full Malware scan on your system
  • Try to uninstall or reinstall the Sage software
  • Install all Windows updates available
  • Run Windows system file checker (“sfc/scannow”)


Hopefully, this article covered the major information and the best possible troubleshooting methods regarding how to fix Sage 50 Installation Error 1607. Moreover, if you have any further queries or issues, you can connect with Sage Experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are other Installation errors that can be encountered while installing the Sage software?

Ans: If you are Sage users and trying to install your program with the latest update then it is pretty possible that there are more than one installation error can be experienced:
➤ Error 350: No action was taken as reboot is required
➤ Error 1304: Error writing to Verify that you have access to that directory
➤ Error 1325: is not a valid short filename
➤ Error 1327: Invalid Drive: (drive letter)
➤ Error 1335: The cabinet File ‘’ required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used
And many others.

Q2. How do I identify Sage 50 Installation Error 1607?

Ans: The occurrence of runtime faults is unavoidable. When Peachtree Complete Accounting is executed, the error message may appear on the screen. In fact, if the error message or other dialogue box is not addressed early on, it may appear again and again.
It’s possible that files will be deleted or that new files will arise. Though this symptom is mostly caused by viral infection, it can also be attributed to runtime error because viral infection is one of the reasons for runtime error. A sudden slow down in internet connection speed may also occur, though this is not always the case.

Q3. What to do if the Sage 50 Installation Error 1607 is caused by restricted access to the temp folder?

Ans: You simply have to restart your PC and then try again for installation. Here’s how:
➤ Press Windows + R keys to open the run command
➤ Type %temp% and then hit the Enter key
➤ In the address bar, click the folder to the left of Temp
➤ Windows XP, click the up folder level image.
➤ Do a right-click on the Temp >>>> Properties
➤ After that, Security >>> Edit >>> Add
➤ Type Everyone > Check Names > if the Multiple Names Found window opens, click Ok
➤ Everyone is now must be underlined
➤ In the Allow column, select Full Control under Allow > Ok
➤ Install the software again.