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Sage 50 Error 1628 Failed to Complete Installation When Uninstalling

The Sage 50 is an finance and accounting based software which was developed by the Sage Group. When the Sage 50 was developed it primarily worked on the Microsoft Windows. It is extremely easy to use a desktop based accounting software which was created for the growth of the small and medium business. Now Sage 50 has a mobile apps for iOS, Android and the BlackBerry sets. They work in complete synchronization with the various popular applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and Exchange along with the third-party applications which Sage had endorsed. It basically helps your business with accounting, invoices, monitors the cash flow and your bills, etc. As we know Sage 50 is an exceptional software but there are certain occasions where a user may have some doubt or due to some reason there is some error like installation error 1628. In that situation, you can contact the Sage customer support for the assistance. You can call them on their toll free number .

What is the Sage Install Error 1628 ?

The Sage Error 1628 is the installation error. It occurs when a user is trying to install Sage 50 in their system. The user receives the message:

Sage Error: “1628 Failed to complete installation” when trying to install program.

It basically appears and crashes the active program which is running on the window of your system. You can even feel that your system freezes for few seconds. You can also notice that Sage Error 1628 is similar to the other installation error like Sage 50 Error 1605, 1618, 1701, 1704, 1721 or 1722. In most of the cases you will notice that these errors are immediately followed by Sage error 1603. The causes for the Error 1628 are:

  • Corrupt download or incomplete installation.
  • Due to the recent installation and uninstall of the Sage related software, your Windows registry might corrupt.
  • Virus and malware infect the files.
  • Another program mistakenly deletes the Sage 50 related software

Step for Fix Sage 50 Error 1628 Failed to Complete Installation When Uninstalling

Follow the steps below by which you can easily resolve the Sage 50 Error 1628.

Solution: Uninstall via command prompt

  • Press the Windows Key along with the R key to open a run command window.
  • Now type Regedit in the search box.
  • Then Click on the OK option.
  • After the new window has opened, go to the File option, the Export and then on the create a backup of registry.
  • You will now have to navigate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432Node
  • Now select the Edit option, then Find
  • In the search window type Sage 50 and click on the Find option.
  • Now search the program you are trying to uninstall.
  • You will find a key on the right side of the screen called the labelled UninstallString;
  • Double click on it and then copy the string.
  • Click on OK and then close the Registry Editor.
  • Open the run command window again (WINDOWS KEY+R)
  • Type the CMD in the search option of the window.
  • Click on OK
  • Now the DOS window has opened.
  • Right click on the window and click on the paste option from the dialog box.
  • Now press Enter.
  • Now follow the screen prompts.
  • Now your error is resolved. Try installing the program again.

Now after trying the solution given above, you still have some doubts. You can can contact the customer support for some assistance. You can call on their Sage 50 tech support toll free phone number .

What is ?

When a user needs some assistance with the customer support and is unable to contact the Sage customer support, they can always contact the accountinghub. It is a team of sage certified experts who provide their assistance to the Sage users when they are having some trouble with the Sage software or any Sage related software. To contact then you can always call on their Sage technical support phone number . To know more about the Sage, you can also visit their website


Article Name: Sage 50 Error 1628 Failed to Complete Installation When Uninstalling
Description: Facing Sage 50 error 1628 failed to complete installation when uninstalling? Its is basically the installation error in Sage 50. Read this article and given solution for fixed this issue or call for technical support.
Author Name: George Reagan
Publisher Name:
Sage error 1628

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