How to fix Unfixable Error Messages in Sage

Sage Unfixable Error Messages

Sage 50 is one stop accounting solution and has become a world recognized provider of accounting software. It is the most popular system for small and mid sized businesses. They provide multiple financial management products, which is a specially designed for the fulfillment of need of specific industries. Sometime Sage encounters error due to multiple reasons. The error can be functional and technical.

If the user get an error message ,’You must restore data’ and at this time the user need to fix this issue and click on Yes. This situation is called as Sage Unfixable Errors.

Causes of Sage Unfixable Errors :

There are multiple causes for this error.

  • Number 0 the error message during the transaction.
  • Disagrees with total paid in splits, amount paid is foreign currency.
  • Mismatched with split transactions in header transaction.
  • Missing metadata for table.
  • Disagrees with total net in splits of net amount in the header.
  • Invalid account type in nominal account.
  • Anon 0 amount in revolution.
  • Mismatched with header transaction with split transaction.
  • In transaction the amount paid is greater than the amount paid.
  • Invalid transaction type during transaction.
  • Restore backup data.

Backup Restoration Sage 50 Backup

The user need to restore a backup, it can be faster with minimum information. Before restoring the backup the user need to take a backup of data on their desktop with file name.

How to Restore?

Solution : 1 

  • First open the File menu and select Backup.
  • Normal backup your data.
  • And again open the file menu and select the Restore.
  • Select the Browse, select and locate the backup file for restoring.
  • Complete the procedure of Restore and select the
  • And Select 

Solution : 2 

  • Your Data backup.
  • Go to the Menu bar, select File and select Backup
  • Select Yes after checking the data and select OK. Press Close and again press Close.
  • Make a file name of your back and select Browse.
  • Choose the files for backup and select the All file types to include in backup with a check box.
  • Select the OK and again click on OK. 

Solution : 3 

  • If the User doesn’t have an Error free backup for restoration. During repairing the user need to remove some transactions.
  • Stop processing.
  • After restoration data will be error free.

After using all solutions, if the error still persists with your system you can directly call us on our toll free sage 50 technical support number +. We have highly qualified specialist in our team. We stand here 24*7 to support you with your issues . We assure for best solutions for your requirements, query, and complaints. At the end of the day we have value for our valued customer for any assistance.