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Run Chart of Accounts Journal Synchronization Test

Sage 50 accounting software is designed with many potential features that help in the smooth performing of the business. All the financial and accounting tasks are automated that improves productivity, save time and money at the same time. There are unfriendly scenarios when the software encounters some kind of technical and functional error that hinders the work flow of the organization. The software allows the user to perform Chart of Accounts journal integration test. And sometime the user gets into trouble while performing synchronization. In such situations the user must approach the Sage experts who are readily available to resolve the Sage issue. They assure minimal downtime and fix the error so as to resume your business.

Way to Run Chart of Accounts Journal Synchronization Test

The below resolutions can be followed by the user to fix the error. Prior attempting the solutions you need to perform integrity verification for the previous releases to 2013. For the Sage releases 2013-2018.0, go ahead with the the steps listed below.

  • Revise your accounting time to first Period
  • Choose Help -> Go to Customer Support Service -> Choose Integrity Check. (the 2018.1 release, Choose Help -> Support Utilities -> Integrity Check
  • Create a Backup copy.
  • Rename the backup copy, Select the location to save it -> Click Save.
  • In the box click OK (it displays the actual backup size).
  • Go to the Reindex File List then choose the Reindex Files box then Choose Chart -> Click OK.
  • Once the synchronization test ends -> Choose Help -> Customer Support and Service, and Integrity Check.
  • Choose Continue to the Reindex Files box from the Reindex File List choose Journal Header -> Click OK.
  • Once the test gets over successfully, select Help, Customer Support and Service, and Integrity Check.
  • Choose Continue moving to the Reindex Files box, from the list of Reindex File -> Choose Journal Rows -> click OK.
  • Once the test is over Choose Help
  • Move to Customer Support and Service & Integrity Check.
  • Go to the Chart of Accounts/Journal box
  • Choose continue once again, under the Data Synchronization Tests section -> Click OK.

The user might get more than one message describing the synchronization error was fixed. Whenever the message appears Click OK.

  • To identify if the issue is fixed you need to run the reports. If it is not fixed you need to jump to the next step being still in Period 1.
  • Choose Help -> Customer Support and Service -> Integrity Check.
  • Choose Continue -> Choose Journal Balances box -> click OK.

In case the error persists the steps listed below will put the system back to the Equity Retained-Earnings account. In case there is no connection between the Retained-Earnings, it returns back to general journal entry.

  • Choose Help -> Customer Support and Service -> Integrity Check.
  • Choose Continue option then choose G/L Balances box -> Click OK.
  • Once the tests are over revise back to your latest accounting period.
  • Then check that the issue is fixed or not.

Why is an acclaimed Sage Support agency that has a large in house team of Sage experts who are well trained and experienced in dealing with the Sage errors reported by the users. They assure quick and timely assistance by providing feasible solutions. They have in depth product knowledge and are round the clock available for Sage 50 technical support service. Call to the toll free number and connect with the Sage support team.


Article Name: Run Chart of Accounts Journal Synchronization Test
Description: Learn about How to run chart of accounts journal synchronization test in Sage, Call at to get the Sage 50 technical support by AccountingHub Certified Technicians.
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Run the Chart of Accounts journal Synchronization Test

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