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Enter Cash Sales In Sage 50

Sage 50 has always been significantly defined software for all types of businesses: Small, Medium and Large. The software and its versions have a capacity of handling company’s accounting and other beneficial requirements. In fact, many small and medium businesses are moving to the Sage 50 so that can take proper use of all the features at very reasonable cost. This improves the efficiency of the software with the help of this additional tools and features and makes your work very convenient and faster.

It automatically manages and adjusts your updates, invoices and transactions along with all financial assets and completes your invoices and sales order. This makes your function easy and convenient. Now, use Sage 50 to concentrate on your work efficiently.

Steps To Enter Cash Sales In Sage 50

Even if any issue comes even after an item is being paid if there are no invoices and records, it is the most convenient way of giving accurate invoices and data. Now, enter cash sales in Sage 50.

  • Now, click on Task Menu –> Select the Receive Money.
  • In the window, Receive Money –> click on the reference number or check for a particular transaction. It will also have check number of personal customers. Now, use reference and avoid using Cash for transactions more than one.
  • Now, go to the Tab: Cash Account, click on the bank account to deposit the receipt.
  • You have to be very active on hiding General Ledger Account. Only the cash account name is displayed in the Cash Account.
  • Now, go to the window: Receive Money. Here, if you wish to deposit the ticket window, you need to accept the Deposit Ticket ID.
  • In the Revenue field, click on the apply button and then enter the name of the item. If you focus on applying to the revenue field. All the options are available to enter the amount in that specific field. Now, in the revenue tab, manually enter details in the tab and click on the Apply button. This becomes usefully important for the users who don’t want to enter any information of the said items.
  • To maintain a particular age in the receipt, in the revenue field, click on the Apply button and other new items on the list.
  • Now, to print and save it for future purposes, select the print button or you can also go for the save option to save the file.

Our Assistance At Your Service

Our assistance has well-defined structure to provide proper guidance to all the Sage users who are looking for some sort of technical information related to the functioning of the Sage. Our assistance is also available if you face any issue or problem while working or performing any task on your Sage 50. Connect us on our Toll-Free Number or connect with us via Sage Live Chat Support.


Article Name: Enter Cash Sales In Sage 50
Description: Read this tutorial for know how to enter cash sales in Sage 50 and how to enter cash purchases in sage 50. For more information call accountinghub toll-free number .
Author Name: George Reagan
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Enter Cash Sales in Sage 50

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