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How to Install Sage 50 2018

Sage 50 Sage 50 financial management software is one of the top preferred application with easy usable features that helps in automatic functioning of the financial and accounting operations. The software has introduced versions that can be employed when the business grows well. There are many advanced features and tools that helps the user in seamless business management. With the release of Sage 2018 version there has been an addition of brand new features that has improved the performance of the business. The user needs to upgrade the Sage version to the latest version to avail the new features.

New Features Of Sage 50 2018

  • Get the bills automatically paid (for e.g. accounts payables).
  • The latest Sage Intelligence reporting feature syncs with MS Office 365.
  • Sage Capture feature gets integrated with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Designed to manage multiple inventory items simultaneously.
  • Conversion of data and then export in different formats like: HTML and PDF.
  • Publishing the forms and reports directly.
  • Authorizes more User Account Control (UAC) options for security enhancement.

Sage 2018 version was released on 12th July 2017. Sage users are recommended to update to the latest version that has new enhancements that helps the user to escalate business growth and performance. There are certain things that are to be considered for the successful “installation of Sage 2018”.

If you need to : Upgrading from Sage 2017 to Sage 2018

Installation Guide For Sage 2018 Version

Verify System Compatibility

Before the installation of the Sage 2018 version verify that the Sage versions 2016 and above do not support on Microsoft Windows XP or Server 2003. The earlier Sage releases 2016.1 and above are adaptable with Windows 10. The Microsoft Windows Vista does not support Sage 2018.

  • Thoroughly check your system that meets the system requirements criteria.
  • Create a backup of all the company files.
  • Sage users need to exit Sage program prior starting installation process on the server.
  • End up all the programs prior starting the installation process on the computer.
  • Anti-virus program should be turned off or disabled during the installation process.
  • Exit from the firewall and remember to turn on notifications.
  • Ensure that the User Account Control (UAC) is configured to the minimum and that demands admin access. Contact an IT personnel in case it is required.

Steps for Sage Upgrading From Earlier Version

Total Time: 12 minutes

Step 1 – Download the Recent Update of Sage 50

For the Sage users who are working with installed version is 2016 or later, need to follow steps mentioned below. The user can get the updates through the Check for Updates window.

🔶 Open the Sage program at the server -> Choose Services -> Choose Check for Updates.
🔶 Click on the Check Now option.
🔶 Choose Sage50_2018.0.0.Upgrade, -> Choose Download.
🔶 Once the download is successful -> Close the application and move to the second step.

Step 2 – Install Sage 50 2018

🔶 Begin installation in a independent system.
🔶 When prompted choose to install the 2018 requirements needed for Sage 50 software.
🔶 You can go through the installation instructions in the welcome screen link to open a PDF along with the detailed installation guide.
🔶 Disable the antivirus program -> Click Next.
🔶 Click “Agree to the license agreement”, -> Click Next.
🔶 Choose Auto configure the Windows Firewall to authorize installation and run Sage 50 -> click Next.

Note: In Case Firewall Settings Is Turned Off Or Disabled, The Box Will Be Darkened.

🔶 Mention the Serial number -> Click Next.
🔶 Then you will prompted “Will this be the only computer running Sage 50?”. Choose Yes -> Click Next.
🔶 From all the install options -> choose program files and company data files location -> Click Install.
🔶 Let the installation process complete.

Step 3 – Installing Sage 50 on a Network

🔶 Go to the server location for installing the updates in the independent computer.
🔶 When you get a prompt “Will this be the only system running Sage 50?” Choose no and click Next.
🔶 Sage 50 Company Data Files Storage screen will be displayed. You will have to choose the computer is the server -> click Next.
🔶 Check through the Installation Options and go ahead with the installation process on the server.
🔶 The company data screen can be shared by choosing the Folder -> click Next.

Conclusion : is a reliable sage 50 technical support agency that houses a big team of Sage expert professionals who are highly knowledgeable and experienced. They posses in depth product and can answer all your queries and can guide you in the installation process of Sage 2018 version. They assure quick and timely support for all the Sage related issues. You can contact them through toll free support number , email and live chat option. They are round the clock approachable and provide first call resolution. Connect with the Sage Support team today and garner excellent support services.


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