Are you trying to remove Sage 50 accounts completely from your machine, but not able to do so? Did you know that when you are trying to remove Sage 50 accounts your system using Microsoft Operating System or a compact disk, there are some files and document cases which will not get deleted? Well, this is due to the fact that they are used by other applications and eliminating them can impact their normal functioning/span>.

In this article, we are trying to explain the best possible way to remove Sage 50 accounts completely your system.

Procedure to obliterate Sage 50 accounts completely:

1 – Obliterate DSN and ODBC data history

•Hold the Windows + R keys together and then write ODBCAD32 in search field and press OK
•Click twice to delete C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\ODBCAD32.EXE
•You have to Obliterate all the entries related to Sage software that you will find in the User DSN and System DSN fields. If you discover that the entries not there, then it mean they might have been deleted during uninstall process, just click on Next.

Important note: If you are feeling doubtful about carrying out any step, then speak to our Accountinghub Sage 50 tech support team experts for further assistance.

2 – Uninstall program with the use of Microsoft Operating System

•Hold the Windows + R keys, write Control Panel in the search tab and press OK
•Navigate to Programs and Features >Press right-side mouse button on the release of your Sage 50 accounts you wish to delete and then choose to Uninstall
•Again install the program and attempt to regenerate the issue
•In case, the issue still continues to exist, then you are required to uninstall complete versions of the Sage 50 accounting application and proceed to Next

3 – Remove shared document cases

Sage accounting software makes use of the mentioned below document case to save the information. If you are making use of the Sage application you have to create a duplicate copy of the information before you decide to remove these document cases.
Navigate to and remove all the document cases mentioned below one by one manually:
•C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Sage SBD
•C:\Program Files\SharedFiles\Sage Line50
•C:\Program Files\SharedFiles\Sage Report Designer
•C:\Program Files\SharedFiles\Sage Shared
•C:\Program Files\Sage EBanking
Note: In order to get rid of these document cases, right-click on all document case you wish to remove>click on Delete.

4 – Remove common Sage files

Obliterating the given files may avert other Sage programs from functioning smoothly. You have to restore other Sage applications once the uninstall and re-installation process is completed.

You have to confirm whether all file is associated to your Sage accounts before you hit on the delete button. To confirm the same, do right-click on every file >Go to Properties >Click on Version option>click on Company Name >verify whether the company title is Sage or not

•Look for and eliminate all the files mentioned below:

Please bear in mind that you don’t have the rights to remove the files that are present in the Assembly document case. The only way you can do away with them is by uninstalling the program. For this, press right-side of the mouse button on all file and select uninstall!In case, you are not able to uninstall, then press Windows key + R together>write the given paths in the search field and erase every files and document cases which has title Sage.

•Try to find C:\Windows\System32 OR SYSWOW64\ and remove all files as mentioned below:

1.S23DBC32.dll- sg50SdoEngine230.dll
2.S22DBC32.dll- sg50SdoEngine220.dll
3.S21DBC32.dll- sg50SdoEngine210.dll
4.S20DBC32.dll- sg50SdoEngine200.dll

5 – Remove common files – System 32 document cases

•Go to Computer and look for C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64
•Select View > Choose Details.
•Press right-side mouse button on column title> select More and tick mark the Company checkbox > press OK.
•You have to remove these files with the given label:
•Sage Limited
•Sage Ltd
•The Sage Group plc
•SAGE Software Ltd
•You have to remove these files in the order as mentioned below:

Have doubts in regards to removal process of Sage accounts completely? Profess your concerns to our Accountinghub Sage 50 Support Team expert by calling on <+1844-313-4856>