The latest version of Sage 50 is enriched with enhanced features such as: Mobile Invoicing, Remote Access, Cloud Backup and Web Based email Support along with advanced tools that makes the Sage accounting software most preferred. There are times when the user wants and needs to move your Sage 50 software to new system.

Multiple Reasons for Sage 50 Transfer to a New System.

● Bought a new system and move Sage 50 data to a new system.
● The Sage 50 Update/Upgrade version is not compatible with the current/older version.
● Windows OS of the new system is damages and new Windows installation is required.

There are numerous other reasons for moving the Sage 50/data files to new computer. The reasons can be either technical or functional. Here the technical support assistance is required. Follow the steps mentioned below to transfer the Sage 50 files into a new computer. Ensure that your system meets the system requirements needed for this process prior attempting the Sage 50 data process.

Desired System Requirements:

● RAM 2 GB or for 64-bit operating system – 4GB.
● Processor 2GHz or higher.
● Minimum 5GB Disk Space.
● Minimum 100mbps or 1Gbps network.
● Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 and 1920 x 1080 (for hi resolution or 4K monitors)
● At menu Bar, click on Help -> choose About and then make a note of the following details.
Get Ready with all the License Details:
● Note down the Software Serial Number, Activation Key and your Account Number (in case you have purchased the subscription).
● Verify the location of the data – In case there are multiple company on Sage 50 the process needs to be repeated for all the company file.
○ In case all the crucial data is saved in C:\ Drive or some other local drive in your system,created a backup copy of all your company files.
○ In case the data is saved in your network, garner permission to your data folder. If required contact the IT support team for acquiring permission.

● For data access via Sage Drive create a Sage ID, e-mail & password and the encryption password that you have enter for the first time.
● Start your new system as an administrator.

Create Backup Copy on your New or Older Computer

Make sure that you create a backup copy successfully. Verify all your important data to be error free. You need to verify all the company files to be error free. It is usually suggested to create a backup on any external drive such as: shared drive or memory stick. It helps you to transmit your data easily and without error.

When you run Check Date you can find out easily that there is any error in the company file or not. In case there is error in the company file fix it prior installing new software.

Link Company Data on the New Computer

There are three ways by which you can connect your computer

● Recover the backup copy and then store data file on new computer.
● Link system on your new network.
● Link your system via Sage Drive.

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