Have you been scouting out online to find out the simplest ways to install, download or update your Sage 50 connection manager? Well, you have just landed on the right web page. You can get all the answers to your questions.

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In this article, we shall be elaborating how you can easily update your Sage 50
connection manager by performing simple steps.

Important tip: Please don’t forget to keep or create a backup copy of your critical company data before you come to a decision to make any changes in the Sage 50 accounting software application. This is something we always recommend our readers. It always better to play safe rather than repenting later.

Let’s have a look at some of the steps that can help you download and update the Sage 50 connection manager on your machine.

Solution I: Download the Sage 50 accounting software application:

For downloading the software application in your host machine or another user machine, you need to follow the given steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to sign in to your dedicated Server site.
  2. After this, try to download the Sage 50 accounting software application newest edition from the Sage website and just double click on the file.
  3. Make sure you select the right language, then click on OK button.
  4. Hit on the Install button to begin with the installation process.
  5. In case, your Firewall is active on this machine, you will be prompted to enable or disable the Windows Firewall spontaneously set to work in compliance with Sage 50 accounting software application.
  6. Choose the Advanced option provided your dedicated server only stocks the information file and nobody else makes use of the software application except you on the dedicated server.
  7. Click on Next tab to continue.
  8. Click on the Dedicated Server –just for the Sage 50 Accounting Software Server Modules.
  9. Click on the Finish tab when you find the installation process is over.

Solution II: The Complete Software Application has previously been installed on a different machine:

  1. Navigate to the Windows Start button, click on the Computer option.
  2. Click on the C:\ drive.
  3. Try to click twice on the Sage folder.
  4. Choose the Sage 50 Software Installation Files-CDN Edition (ensure you select the right edition, let’s say 2018.1)
  5. Take a copy of the folder and paste it on the dedicated server – either through the common drive or USB device.
  6. On your dedicated server, open file with extension Launch .exe
  7. Click on Install Sage Software.
  8. Choose the right language.
  9. Click on OK.
  10. Click on Yes when it comes to making changes in the firewall configuration.
  11. Click on Next.
  12. Choose one option among the two available, i.e. Typical or Advanced.
    1. Go with the Advanced option.
  13. Click on Next.
  14. Click on Server –just for the Sage 50 Software Server Modules.
  15. Let the software take its time to install.
  16. Click on Finish tab when the installation process gets over.

Solution III: The Sage 50 connection manager update was previously setup software on a different machine:

  1. Navigate to the machine where the update has already been setup.
  2. Go to Start button and after that click on Computer option.
  3. Navigate to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage App\Simply Accounting\Download.
  4. Try to locate the newest upgrade that was set up in your machine:
    1. 2017: SA_20174CPUP1.exe.
    2. 2018: SA_20184CPUP1.exe.
    3. 2019: SA_20191CPUP1.exe.
  5. Now, copy file and paste the same your  USB stick or to the dedicated server.
  6. Carry out this update on the dedicated server to bring the Sage 50 connection manager up-to-date.

Solution IV: The Sage 50 connection manager update was previously set up on a different machine which has no USB Drive:

  1. Try to find out in the search outcome for “Sage 50 Accounting Software Application Latest Edition “.
  2. Otherwise, try to look for same in the Knowledge base, and check out all the “Newest Downloads”.
  3. Choose the “Sage 50 2018 or 2019 Software Update (Edition Number X)”.
  4. Hit the “Download Now” button.
  5. Press the “Save” button.
  6. After the downloading process is over, hit on the “Run” tab to install the latest update.

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