The upgrade of the Sage software is important as everyone knows that upgrade came with new features and benefits. It makes you work easier and time saver. If you are still using Sage 2017 then upgrade it to sage 2018 2019, 2020, 2021 and get all the advanced features, benefits, and set to go with ease.

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The update or upgrade also resolves many of your errors or issues that you are facing while using the old or outdated version. Anyone who is using Sage 2017 or an older version can upgrade to Sage 2018. All the information for how to upgrade Sage 2017 to Sage 2018 2019, 2020, 2021is mentioned below. Just follow the process and get it done easily.

Solutions for Upgrade Sage 2017 to Sage 2018

When you want to check the updates from the Sage 50 account

  • In Sage 50, click on the Services option
  • Then further select the option Check for Updates
  • Now, click n the Check Now option to check for updates
  • After this, click on the Download button for downloading the latest update
  • When downloading if the update is done then close the Sage software
  • After closing it, starts the installation of the update
  • You get the instructions on your screen that you have to follow.

For Manually Install the Service Releases and Tax Updates

You have to do the update manually when you won’t get the installation window open automatically. So you have to follow these steps:-

  • If there is Sage open in your system then close it first
  • After that, open the File Explorer
  • Locate the folder of Updates in the data path
  • Now after locating the update folder, go to the Tax updates or Service Release
  • Right-click on this folder and choose the option Run as Administrator
  • The instructions going to show on your screen that you have to follow
  • After completing the update, open the Sage software again
  • Go to the Help menu option
  • Click on the About Sage 50 option and then check that the update is completely done or not.

Note- The tax forms in your Sage account install automatically when you open the Payroll in your system. The system must have an internet connection.

Step to Upgrade Process from Sage 2017 to Sage 2018

Basically the upgrade process is divided into three parts. They are as follows:

Total Time: 30 minutes

Prepare Software:

Verify the latest system requirements needed for the new software version. Once your Sage software is updated with the system needs the next part is to download.


Check for Updates, and then follow the instructions in case the Sage version you are using is 2015.3, 2016.2, or 2017.2.


Finally run the upgraded software.

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Productive Highlights: Sage 50 2018

  • The 2018 upgrade helps in creating a Cloud backup with the MS Office 365 edition. It helps the Sage users in creating backup copy of the organizational files and important financial documents without any hassle. Also it offers several security modules that helps to control MS Office 365 effortlessly.
  • The Sage 50 2018 upgrade helps in seamless management of the company data and also port it via remote access mode with Sage drive. The user can easily port the crucial data of the company with the help of the responsible accounting professionals.
  • The latest upgrade brings forth the new Sage capture feature. With the help of the Sage capture the user can easily take pictures and enter additional information with the help of devices like: android phones, iPhones and iPads. The complete company data is shared to OneDrive. Only the MS Office 365 premium edition users can avail the Sage capture feature.
  • The brand new features of Sage 50 includes the monochromatic design along with white spaces. This feature has given a new look and feel to the software and seriously it is amazing. The arrows on both the sides accord easy navigational access to the uses.
  • The 2018 update for Sage has released advanced online payment and mobile invoicing systems. The newly added “Pay Now” features allows the users to pay via different payment options. The preferred payment modes are via internet banking, through debit card and credit card. The users generate easy generation of invoices and email them. The users can also download unpaid bills and invoices easily.
  • Sage Intelligence and Reporting is one more fresh feature added to Sage 50 2018. This features allows the users to gain perfect insight of your business. It gives to accurate business knowledge and understanding. It assists in effective financial records management and company data from any device and transfer it to cloud.
  • The AP automation features helps the users to fetch excellent cloud accounting automation solutions. It helps companies to fetch invoices, tax-tables and receipts.
  • The latest upgrade helps in interactive user interface that showcases brand new navigation for easy access.
  • On successful Sage 2018 upgrade the user can easily edit the file by keeping it on edited mode. This helps to keep the file in the read-only mode.
  • With the latest upgrade the company data can be easily accessed to web-based email services through email receipts and invoices easily.

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Upgrading the Sage 50 is important to resolve many kinds of issues or errors and to be up-to-date. Above, you get the details about how to upgrade Sage 2017 to Sage 2018 so that you can do it on your own. The team is here to help you all the time whenever required. You get all the issues and queries resolved by connecting with the Sage customer helpdesk. The team members are professionals and know how to handle all your situation and resolve it as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions for Upgrade Sage 2017 to Sage 2018

1.  How to download Sage update manually?

To manually download Sage update follows these steps:-

a.      Open the Sage software
b.      Then g to the Help menu option
c.       Select the Check for Product Updates
d.      It shows you the update if available
e.      If you get an update then click on download update
f.        Then after downloading, you get the pop-up for installation in that click on reminds me later option.

2.  How to install updates of Sage tax forms manually?

For manually download and installation of tax form update. The steps are as follows:-

a.      Update the software manually
b.      Then click on the link according to the version of software to get the latest tax update
c.       Now, run the tax update in your system
d.      Follow instructions to install it properly and then you are done.

3.  What to do if my update won’t start after downloading the update and closing the Sage software?

It happens many times so there are no issues if the update won’t start itself after closing the software. You have to start installing the update manually and complete it successfully.

4.  Do I have to upgrade the data also after upgrading the Sage 50 2017 software?

When you are done upgrading or updating your software then it is important to upgrade your company file also. After upgrading, when you open the company file for the first time and is from an older version then the upgrade wizard opens up automatically to upgrade the file.