A database server is a program that provides database services to other computer programs. It allows processing the data in the database to the whole world. Regardless of the size of the business, you must add server to your computing environment to outweigh any type of shortcomings.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDBSM) is a type of database server that allows you to take access of the QuickBooks server for its users. While you are installing QuickBooks, you will have two options, either to simply install the QuickBooks Database Server Manager or install the full Desktop program of QuickBooks. If the entire program is installed, DBDBSM opens automatically whereas if you have installed on database server manager, then you are required to start the program manually.

This article attempts at highlighting installation procedure and updates for QBDBSM. Let us take a look at the procedure of installation and update:

  1. Install QBDBSM on your PC
  • Firstly, double-click on the install option of your QuickBooks and begin the Installation of the Wizard
  • If your computer has Internet connectivity and able to download updates, then click on ‘Next’ option or else click the option ‘No’ and then continue
  • Close all running programs and then click on the option ‘Next’
  • Now, a window will appear.
  • Once you agree to the conditions, you will be directed to another window and select Custom or Network options.
  • Now, choose any type of installation. Select the ‘Yes’ option and allow access to the application.
  • Now, enter the ‘License and Product Number’

Note: If you choose the second option of the installation, then you need not enter the license number and details.

  • Once QuickBooks database server is successfully installed, set-up the Database Server Manager.
  1. Update QBDBSM on your PC.

After you have successfully installed the QBDBSM on your PC, it is time to update the database server.It is extremely important to update the Database Server Manager periodically when a new year QuickBooks software is released and installed on the desktop. Let us follow the procedure to update:

  • Update QuickBooks to the latest version
  • Now, reboot the server after updates get completed
  • You will receive a prompt message to create the backup that is essential to update and modify the database structure
  • Once you complete the backup, follow the prompt message and then open the file accordingly.
  1. Set Up and use the QBDBSM
  2. Open QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • Go to the ‘Start’ button
  • Click on the ‘Programs’option and then choose QuickBooks option
  • Click on ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’ and ‘Open’ the server
  • Click on the ‘Scan’ Folders.

Note: Once you store all company files on the server, ensure that it is scanned properly, so that it can be easily configured and allowing other users to take access of these company files.

  • Ensure, which folder contains QuickBooks Company Files. If you are not sure of the file, scan the entire disks.
  • Choose Scan option and begin scanning of the company files.
  • After the scan gets completed, the company files can be found in the scanned folder so that multiple userscan access it.

After downloading and updating QDDBSM, do not forget to restart your PC.

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