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“Key File Not Found” or “Bad key file” When Opening Sage 50

Are you over and over again receiving “Key file not found” or “Bad key file” error notification when you are trying to open your Sage 50 accounting software application? This is another very common type of error that most of the users of Sage 50 software come across. So, you are not just the one who is getting troubled by it. Now, you can put your concerns to rest as we are here to help you.

In this article, we shall be talking through some of the main causes of the “Key file not found” or “Bad key file” when opening Sage 50 error notification and elucidate some measures to fix this problem manually.

However, the measures we are discussing here are not the permanent fix for the problem you are facing. We would recommend seeking the assistance of the certified Accountinghub Sage 50 helpdesk.

Cause of the”Key file not found” or “Bad key file” when Opening Sage 50

Here are some of the reasons that could be triggering this sort of error when you are trying to open your Sage 50 software:

  1. If the antivirus programs installed in your computer are snooping with normal functioning Sage 50 Accounting Software Application.
  2. If your shared documents folder holdingyour Sage 50 keyfiles has been either transferred to some other location or removed manually
  3. If the Malware software application in installed in your system is somewhere impacting the smooth operation of the PC.

Resolve the”Key file not found” or “Bad key file” when Opening Sage 50 Error Notification?

Let’s have a peek at some of the simplest ways to do away with this error that you are encountering time and again:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Option I: Cross Check your Computer Setup

⏩ Firstly, there are chances that a third party application may be impacting the smooth functionality of your Sage 50 software application. Therefore, you need to cross check the Third party utilities installed in your computer like any anti-virus software application, as well as the firewall settings.
⏩ These applications can interfere with the normal working of the Sage 50 so as to make the desired changes in them provided you find that they are inhibiting your accounting software to work normally.
⏩ In case, you discover that there are no third party utilities set up in your computer, then we would suggest you to run a malware scan.

Option II: Run you Sage 50 Company Account as an Administrator

⏩ First of all, you have to do right click on your Sage 50 Accounting Software Application shortcut on your Desktop and select to run the same as an Administrator.
⏩ If you still getting the same error message when you are trying to open the Sage 50 software, then you have to proceed further and perform the Option III.
▪ If you no longer get the error “Key file not found”, then this clearly specifies that an authorization glitch to open the software has been resolved.
▪ If you are finding it difficult to run as admin, then contact Sage experts for assistance.

Option III: Uninstall and Again Install

To uninstall the software application, you need to follow the given steps:
⏩ For the Windows 8.1 and older version users:
▪ You have to go to the Start menu, look for the Control Panel, and from there search and click on the Programs and Features options
⏩ For the Windows 10 users:
▪ Do the right click on the Start menu and look for the Programs and Features / from there click on the Apps and Features option
⏩ Make sure you choose your version of Sage 50 from the given list correctly
⏩ Press on the Uninstall button

To Again Install the Software you Need to follow the given Steps:

  • Install the Sage 50 Accounting Software from the Installer Files folder that you can easily find in C:\ drive.
  • Once you have re-installed your Sage 50 software and again activated it and getting an error message that “There was an issue with activation …” without the Internet connection, there may be the malware or a virus on the system which is creating trouble. So, make sure you run malware or antivirus scan to get rid of the malware or virus.

Final Words :

If you are still receiving “Key file not found” or “Bad key file” when opening Sage 50 error notification despite performing above steps, consult our Accountinghub Sage 50 tech support team expert at Sage helpline


Article Name: “Key File Not Found” or “Bad key file” When Opening Sage 50
Description: In this article, Read the causes of the "Key file not found" or "Bad key file" when opening Sage 50 error and its solution. If you are still not able to fix this issue, call toll free on Sage support number .
Author Name: George Reagan
Publisher Name:
Key File Not Found

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