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Keyboard Shortcuts Keys in QuickBooks Desktop Functions 2021

QuickBooks is one of the world’s most used and preferred accounting software. It is being used to enhance the experience of managing accounts in a company. The QuickBooks software can help companies to handle their accounts in a more streamlined way. QuickBooks support plenty of keyboard shortcut functions to make it easier and quicker for the user to accomplish tasks swiftly on QuickBooks. Listed below are the plethora of eminent keywords.

Lists of Keyboard Shortcuts in QuickBooks Desktop Functions

Ctrl+DelThis is used to erase the chosen line in a particular transaction
Ctrl+InsThis is used to add on a blank element line in a particular transaction
Ctrl+Alt+YThis is used to make duplicate of the line in a particular invoice.
Ctrl+Alt+VThis is used to paste the line which is copied to the anticipated row invoice .
Ctrl+NThis is used to make a fresh list item or a fresh transaction.
Ctrl+DThis is used to erase the existing list item or the transaction.
Ctrl+EThis is used to rectify or modify an item present in wither in the register or in the item list.
Ctrl+OThis is used to sign in the write check portion or into the check register:
F5A simple and common shortcut used to refresh the list.
Ctrl+HThis is used to view the complete Transaction History

Shortcut keys for Opening the list or the Windows XP, Win 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10

Ctrl+ FThis is a common shortcut generally used to search for something
Ctrl+AThis is used to get to the Chart of Accounts
Ctrl+F6This is used to get to the next window which is opened in order to make it active
Ctrl+GThis is used to go to the register for a particular “transfer” account linked to the line that you have selected
Ctrl+IThis is used to generate the Invoices
Ctrl+JThis is used to get to the Customer Center
Ctrl+LThis is used to open up the list
Ctrl+QThis is used for quick reporting
Ctrl+RThis is used to register
Ctrl+UThis is used to utilize the item after the user has opened the transaction
Ctrl+WThis is used to write down the Checks
Ctrl+YThis is used to get to the transaction journal
Esc or Ctrl+F4This is used to shut down the active window
F1This is used to reach out the QuickBooks Help
F2 or Ctrl+1This is used to get to the product info window

Shortcuts to Maneuvering

Alt+SThis is used to save a particular transaction
Alt+NThis used to save the existing transaction and move over to the next one
Alt+PThis is used to move to the preceding transaction
Shift+TabThis is used to move to the older field
Up arrowThis is used to move over to the Go to the older line in the form
Down arrowThis is used to move over to the subsequent line in the form
Page upThis is used to get to the older page in a particular form area or in a report.
Page DownThis is used to get to the next page inside a particular form portion or report
Ctrl+PageThis is used to Step up to the first register or in a list

Listed above are a few of the QuickBooks shortcuts. If you want to get more details about QuickBooks, then feel free to dial our QuickBooks Premier helpline 1844 313 4856 and get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical support team at any time of the day or night!

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Also, in case you face any issues with QuickBooks, just call our Quickbooks Support Phone Number 1844 313 4856 and get your issue resolved in a breeze!


Article Name: Keyboard Shortcuts Keys in QuickBooks Desktop Functions 2021
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Keyboard Shortcuts in QuickBooks

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