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What’s is New in Sage 50C Accounting 2018.1 US Edition?

Sage 50 has steadily become a recognized name in the realm of accounting software. It has multiple tools and features that make working on it very easy as well as makes many tedious accounting tasks quite easy. Sage 50C Accounting 2018.1 US Edition is the improved and upgraded version of the software that is giving many benefits which can help all kinds of organization to grow further due to better and secure management of data and inventory.

Also, many tasks become automated due to this software’s upgraded version apart from the added safety and security that comes with it. It aids in managing inventory, cash flow and other related things in an improved and slick way. Take expert guidance from the highly trained team at accountinghub. Their toll free number is .

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New Features in Sage 50C Accounting 2018.1 US Edition

Cloud and Navigation Aid Tab

This helps in featuring Microsoft Office 365 Synchronization, Sage Drive and Sage One Mobile Invoicing. This feature will help in displaying connected features of Sage 50c more significantly. Get trouble-free access through navigation aids to regularly accessed features of Sage 50c. Get accessible services panel that display other services such as Payments and Online Payroll.

Get Automated Bank Feeds

Sage 50c can automatically help in reconciling accounts by importing bank account and credit card information through bank feeds. It helps in saving time by reducing manual data entry. One can avoid data entry errors, reduce extra time spent in reconciling accounts with the upgraded Sage version.

For detailed explanation about the above features, contact the tremendously experienced team at They are there to give you solutions regarding any kind of questions about the upgraded version of Sage. The Sage users from across the world will be surely glad by the help that the team provides instantly.

In fact, during tax filing times, it can be a blessing in disguise for its users. Experts can be consulted in case of any kind of doubt related to the Sage software. The Sage tech support team of is always there for your assistance as per your convenience so Sage users can relax completely while using the software. Sage 50C Accounting 2018.1 US Edition is already creating ripples in the market due to the plethora of wonderful features that it offers.

Sage 50 Technical Support Number

The is the Sage Customer support team that has professionals who have years of experience in dealing with Sage related issues. They are there to give you tips as well as any information about the new features of Sage 50C Accounting 2018.1 US Edition. They are available 24*7. Get clarity on a number of things from this team. Work in a better way with the team always there for help. The toll-free number of this Sage 50 tech support team is .


Article Name: What’s is New in Sage 50C Accounting 2018.1 US Edition?
Description: Whats New in Sage 50C accounting 2018.1 US edition features, and its symptoms, causes, For Sage tech support contact us any time call us on toll free number 1 844 313 4856.
Author Name: George Reagan
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Sage 50C Accounting 2018.1 US

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