If you are not been able to see the Outlook in QuickBooks Desktop Send Forms Preferences then the reasons could be:

Causes for Outlook is Missing Quickbooks Desktop Send Forms Preferences

  • An older version, click to run, like 2010 of Microsoft Office is used by you. Microsoft Office Click-to-Run also termed as CTR updates. Older version of Click-to-Run Microsoft Office is not able to support some of the integration options, for the programs such as Quickbooks Desktop. In order to ensure better compatibility, update your Quickbooks Desktop with the current version
  • You have not set your profile in Microsoft Outlook
  • You have not set the Outlook as the default email program
  • You have not selected Internet Explorer as the preferred email program
  • The hosting of your Quickbooks is done on Cloud, whereas the service provider, you are associated with, haven’t installed the Office as the hosted application

Fix Outlook is Missing QuickBooks Desktop Send Forms Preferences Issue

Solution 1: Check whether the Outlook version is supported or not: verify it first that whether the Outlook you are using is compatible with the QuickBooks Desktop version or not. To verify:

  • Go to the Outlook Help menu and select the, For Microsoft Office Outlook, option
  • Get clarity on the version Information
  • You can check the Quickbooks ribbons also to get the version verified

Solution 2: Create the default Outlook Email Program

For Outlook Email 2010/2013:

  • Select the File tab first
  • Then click on options
  • Click on the options of Startup, and then select Make Outlook the default for calendars check box, contacts and email, present under it

Solution 3: With Internet Explorer, get the default email plan set.

  • Go to the Internet Explorer and choose Tools then Internet Options
  • Choose Program tab
  • Follow instructions for the version you are using of Internet Explorer

Solution 4: In Windows, edit Mail Profile settings

  • Close the QuickBooks
  • Click on Windows button and get the Control Panel opened
  • Go to Mail and in results screen, click on Mail
  • Then select, Option Show Profile
  • Click OK

Solution 5: For WIN.INI file in Windows

It is basically a window systems file,that has some settings, which include few of the settings used in email. Contact our QuickBooks experts to know the hole process.

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