QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

QuickBooks is top-notch accounting software in terms of offering a wide variety of software for small and medium-scale companies to make accounting and related processes simpler. In addition, it provides you advanced budget-friendly tools that help you in rectifying various QuickBooks related errors and glitches. In this guide, you’ll come to know about one such tool named QuickBooks Clean Install Tool and its complete process.

Understanding of QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

This Tool mainly utilizes in repairing a damaged QuickBooks Desktop function that is an obvious obstacle faced by many users while using QB functionalities. To solve such damage, you have to go through a simple process including the uninstallation of QuickBooks Desktop, renaming of the installation files/folders, and then reinstall the software once again. This complete process is commonly called QuickBooks “Clean Install” or “Clean Uninstall”.

Pre-Requisites needs to Consider for Uninstalling QuickBooks Desktop

  • Make sure that you handy with a downloaded file of QuickBooks Desktop or installation CD also license numbers of the same QuickBooks product
  • Create a backup of the company file in order to avoid any data loss.

Complete Process of QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

Under this tool, you need to perform carefully the below-listed sequence:

Step 1: Un-install QuickBooks Desktop

  • Initially, press Windows + R keys together from your console
  • Next, you can see a Run box appears
  • Now, move to the “Control Panel” and then press Ok
  • After that, choose the option named “Programs and features
  • To proceed further, go to the “Programs List” then select QuickBooks
  • And then hit the “Uninstall” button
  • Finally, follow the prompts to complete the process by hitting the “Finish” button.

Step 2: Rename the “Installation folders” 

You have to rename the folders once the uninstallation is complete and before running the Clean Install Tool. The QuickBooks Clean Install tool helps you to rename the installation folder automatically. Alternatively, Manual Renaming can also be done.

  1. Download and Run the Clean Install Tool

  • The very first, download the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.exe file
  • And save it on your computer
  • Now, open the ‘QuickBooks Clean Install exe’ by double-clicking on the same
  • Next, accept the prompt license agreement
  • After that, select the QuickBooks version and press the “Continue” option
  • Press “Ok” when you receive a message indicates ‘QuickBooks is ready to do a ‘Clean Install’
  • In the end, you can install it from the default directory.
  1. Manually rename your QuickBooks Installation files/folders

The next step is to manually rename the QuickBooks Desktop Installation file/folder to reflect the hidden files and then rename the ‘location of the folder’ listed for the version of Windows. At the end of the folder name, add ‘old’ or “damaged” words. You can prevent QuickBooks from recognizing the folder with this activity while you are looking to create a ‘new one.’

Step 3: Reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop once again

This is the last and final process in the line up to download and install QuickBooks Desktop to complete the process of QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.

In conclusion!

The above is the complete process of QuickBooks Clean Install Tool that helps you to perform the steps carefully. In any case, you face difficulty or facing problems in the process of this tool then reach out to the team of experts via toll-free number . Alternatively, get connect via live chat or you can even drop an email at support@accountinghub.co along with your queries detail, and the team will respond will you back with the appropriate solutions.