This article can be helpful if QuickBooks crashes when exporting to Excel. QuickBooks is a business solutions software meant for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers payments, billing and payroll management facilities, as well as cloud functionality.

Causes of QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel

When reports are being exported to Excel, QuickBooks crashes or stops responding. This could be due to the following:

  • QuickBooks and Microsoft Office lack compatibility
  • The QuickBooks/Office installation is damaged
  • The report or data file has a problem

Step to fix QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel

Solution 1: Check compatibility of QuickBooks and MS Office

The following are the system requirements for different QuickBooks versions:

QuickBooks Desktop 2018

QuickBooks Desktop 2016

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10, all editions including 64-bit, natively installed

Solution 2: Updating QuickBooks to the current release

Solution 3: Repairing QuickBooks

Users should prepare the QuickBooks Desktop Installation CD before the repair process is started. If QuickBooks was purchased online or over the phone, the installer should be downloaded first.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

NOTE: Users shouldn’t be confused by references to the Installation Wizard, which actually performs the repair process.

  • First, the computer must be restarted to close all programs blocking QuickBooks. Then, the company file must be backed up.
  • Next, choose Start, followed by Control Panel. For Windows 8/8.1, in Start menu, select Search and type Control Panel. In the results, select Control Panel.
  • Next, choose Programs and Features and then select Uninstall A Program, if needed. If these options aren’t seen, choose Programs -> Program Features.
  • Then, choose QuickBooks from the list of programs and then Uninstall/Change. Then, choose Continue-> Next. Now, choose Repair -> Next and let the repair to be completed. Now, select Finish and restart computer if there’s a prompt.
  • US users must also download the latest QuickBooks release and the latest payroll tax table when QuickBooks is opened.

Repair errors

If an error message, such as Files In Use, is seen during the repair, users must do the following:

  • First choose Ignore (need to reboot) and then OK. Users might have to select Ignore many times; the repair process should go on.
  • If there’s no Ignore button, choose Close. Once the repair is completed, restart the computer.

Solution 4: Verifying and rebuilding data in QuickBooks

Solution 5: Repairing MS Office

Please contact our AccountingHub QuickBooks Technical Support Team on how to attempt solutions 4 and 5.

For the sake of brevity, some of the steps haven’t been elaborated in the article. To know advanced steps, please call our AccountingHub QuickBooks Tech Support Staff at this toll-free helpline number +1844-313-4856. The AccountingHub helpdesk personnel are available 24X7 to provide assistance on a range of QuickBooks issues.