This article is about the QuickBooks black and white screen and how the issue can be fixed. QuickBooks is a business solutions software meant for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers payments, billing and payroll management facilities, as well as cloud functionality.

In QuickBooks, one issue that users might face has to do with display. The display in the fields might appear black instead of white. This issue usually occurs when QuickBooks Desktop has been used for months.

Solution for QuickBooks Black And White Screen

  • First, users must restart QB Desktop. Before QuickBooks is opened, users must verify if the program was properly closed. It must also be ensured that QBW32.exe is not running in the background.
  • First, users must press the Windows Start button. Then, they must type taskmagr in the search box and then select Enter.
  • Next, they must select the Processes tab. If in Windows 10 tabs are not seen, users must choose the More Details drop-down.
  • Users must then highlight QuickBooks (32-bit) or QBW32.exe and then choose End Process or End Task. If no instances of QBW32.exe or QuickBooks (32-bit) were found, it indicates that QuickBooks was closed properly.
  • Next, users must reboot the computer.
  • Following this, users must run reboot.bat to register QuickBooks once again.

After Running reboot.bat

  • When the reboot.bat file is run, QuickBooks-related .DLL and .OCX files are re-registered in Windows.
  • First, QuickBooks Desktop must be closed.
  • Then, users must open the folder where the reboot.bat file is stored.
  • To do this, users must right-click on the QuickBooks icon on their desktop and choose Properties and then choose Open File Location.
  • Next, users must right-click on the reboot.bat file and select Run as Administrator.

NOTE: Users must run the reboot.bat file only as Windows Administrator. Depending on the settings of the Windows Folder Options, the file may appear as reboot.bat or just reboot.

The command prompt window will open, where file names will scroll past quickly. Users must not close this window manually. The window will close on its own after the reboot.bat file utility is finished.

If the issue isn’t resolved, the computer must be restarted.

Updating video cards

  • Next, users must update their video card drivers.
  • First, users must press Windows + R, which will open the Run command. Then, they must type in dxdiag and press Enter.
  • Next, they must choose Display 1. They must also note down the manufacturer or model.
  • Following this, they must download the updates.

Changing Windows theme

Following this, users must change the Windows theme to Basic.

To do this, users must first right-click on their desktop and choose Personalize. Then they must select a Windows Basic Theme. Once this is done, the computer must be restarted, and QuickBooks opened.

Editing the QBW.ini file

  • Users must first close QuickBooks and then press the Windows button.
  • Then they must copy the correct file path and paste it in the search bar. Take help from our QuickBooks experts to know more.
  • Next, users must navigate to the end of the file and then copy the path and paste it in the file:
  • Once this is done, the QBW.ini file must be saved, and QuickBooks reopened.

If the problem isn’t solved despite taking the above steps, or if users need more information on the matter, they can call our QuickBooks Technical Support Team by dialing this toll-free helpline number +1844-313-4856. Our QuickBooks helpdesk experts are available 24X7 to answer any queries and provide assistance on any QuickBooks product or application-related matter.