QuickBooks accounting software has been developed with powerful features with an aim to accelerate business growth. The software is designed to simplify the tedious accounting tasks as well as enhances the accuracy of the productivity. In addition, it saves a great time and provides a secure data storage. The software also saves the files using different file extensions of QuickBooks into your system.

Get the details of QuickBooks dsn file and how to bring them to use.

QuickBooks dsn file is basically categorized into three different file types. They are as follows:

  • .QBW, is used for all major working files
  • .QBB, and .QBM, is meant for backup file types
  • .ND, .DSN, and TLG, is meant for database support files

QuickBooks is no different than any other software, like others it also reads the data file:

  1. QuickBooks: Filename.qbw

The .qbw file extension is usually term as QuickBooks company file, company data file or sometimes as QuickBooks file. It is the principal data file that works as company financial records storehouse. All your data files are saved by QuickBooks.  If you want to find the saved company files and its location:

  • Start your QuickBooks
  • Open the company file
  • Now press on F2 keys
  • The Product Information page will be displayed to you

In the Product Information Page, you will be able to view all the important information about QuickBooks and the data, including the File Location of your data. If you want to create a backup for the company data, utilize the internal backup function.

  • Go to File
  • Click on Back Up/Create Copy.
  1. Backup File Types: .QBB and .QBM

When creating QuickBooks data back up, you will be given two options for back up:

  1. The .QBB: This file type will create a backup for the QuickBooks QBW file. The important financial company data along with logos, templates, images, and letters are stored properly. It is best to regularly back up all the QuickBooks data.
  2. The .QBM: This is the compressed and portable version, particularly meant for QuickBooks QBW financial data. Logos or Template or logos are not included in this. The QBM file is especially used when there is a need to share only financial data because of compressed file size.

The .QBB and .QBM file types also function as a zipped file, where you can restore if you lose the company data file or gets corrupted.

  1. Database Support Files: .DSN, .ND, and .TLG

The Database support files do not require to access directly.

  1. .DSN: DSN indicates the name of the Data Source. It is a text file that includes all the information required by the QuickBooks program to access the QuickBooks company file.
  2. .ND: ND indicates the Network Data. A config. file which enables you access to QuickBooks company file.
  • .TLG: TLG indicates the Transaction Log. Log file maintains track of all the changes made in the file starting from the last backup.

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