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QuickBooks® Enterprise Manufacturing & Wholesale Support

QuickBooks business accounting software acts as a skeleton for the manufacturing startup business. The accounting software is incorporated with strong features that help your manufacturing business to flourish. The reporting feature in QuickBooks is that offers you real time analysis of your business through the data you record and store in it. QuickBooks business management software enables you to customize reports of your manufacturing startup business. This allows you to tailor reports according to your needs and requirements.

The build report feature in QB application is used to record the items and assemblies required to manufacture the final product. To create a bill is like a child’s play in QuickBooks software. QuickBooks enables you to even personalize build reports.

Features of QuickBooks Manufacture Edition

QuickBooks Enterprise version has features that help in the manufacturing business.

  • Display multiple level bills of products
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Use time-phased MRP to buy things what and when required
  • Tracking of all the BOM updates
  • Create the inventory parts that are components of your assembly
  • Connect with multiple suppliers to a single inventory item
  • Create the inventory assembly and assign it the parts you use
  • Assemble your inventory assemblies
  • Tracking shop floor production

The Basic Modules of Manufacturing Edition

Choose the right module to your manufacturing business that meets your business requirements.

  • Advanced Production: This module helps you in tracking the performance and predicting the cost of your manufacturing business.
  • Track Labor: Tracks the production time of the individual workers spend on specific jobs and manufacturing orders and automatically post to the Manufacturing Order.
  • Custom Reporting – For the startup business has limited expertise then you can create a quick report with this version.
  • Mobile Alerts – It sends notifications alerts to smartphones that can also receive email messages.
  • Materials Requirement Planning: With this module you can easily keep check on purchase requirements and production needs just by analyzing current inventory, open orders and sales orders.
  • Basic Manufacturing: QuickBooks dominates over the inventory levels of products and items,use of multiple level bills, attempt in multi-level bills of products and work order production.
  • Advanced Purchasing: This modules makes an auto check of the shortage of the materials and generate the purchase orders that are required to refill the inventory.
  • Control the Shop Floor: This module foresees the production costs that is determined on the criteria like: material costs, labor expenses, overhead costs. Further calculate the the authentic production costs.
  • Track in Serial numbers: You can track serial numbers of the entire purchase and process of production to give in strict regulatory agency demands along with this module requirements with this module.
  • Bar Coding: This module helps you in printing and collecting the coded data with both software and hardware to integrate seamlessly with inventory control functions.
  • Bin Tracking: Keep an individual sub-location for the inventory items like raw materials, sub-assemblies, or processed goods in special containers.

Wholesale Edition & Features

The QuickBooks Enterprise wholesale edition helps in keeps the inventory under control. It is specially designed for the wholesale section. The edition comprise of exclusive features like:

  • Mobile inventory barcode scanning
  • FIFO or average cost accounting
  • Manage the on demand and committed functionality
  • Management of Assemblies
  • Order management worksheet


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