QuickBooks Error 6177 usually appears when the user tries to open or access the company file. The major cause of the error is that when the user tries to access the file locally and the file is somewhere in the server. If the file or any document is corrupted or some issues with the local network. If you are using an older version of the software, the QuickBooks installation might have failed sometimes, incompatible firewall settings.

Main Causes of QuickBooks Error 6177

  • When QuickBooks is not using the pre-destined path to open a particular data/company file.
  • When QuickBooks or any of its file is affected due to the presence of virus or malware.
  • When installation fails, incomplete installation or download gets corrupted.

Steps for Fix QuickBooks Error 6177

Method #1:

If QuickBooks doesn’t recognize the path to reach to the company file, below-mentioned are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First, make sure that you move the file from the server to the local system. Go for the portable company file if you get an error when you try to open the company file.
  2. Make sure that you update your QuickBooks to the latest available version.
  3. If you aren’t configured as QuickBooks User, there are some ports like Windows Firewall port that need to be opened.
  4. If you are working on the client’s computer, turn the hosting off.
  5. Create a new folder on the server. Now, move the file from the same location to that folder. Now, move the file from the server to your local computer.
  6. If you keep the folder on to the server only, your local computer must have full rights to access the folder on the server.
  7. The folder which contains company file on the server computer must have full access to a computer.

Method #2:

You may be asked or suggested to use QuickBooks File Doctor to fix the issue. The fact is that it isn’t required. You can follow the manual procedure to fix the issue:

  • First of all, you need to delete all .ND (Network Descriptor) File from your system and then close your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Here, your company file needs to be scanned. QuickBooks Database Manager will do it for you. Download it and run it.
  • Your company file must be given permission to get accessed.
  • If the software is on the server, follow these steps.
    • Try to turn the hosting off and then on.
    • Now, use the local path to open the company file.
    • Make a new folder and move the company file to that particular folder. Now, try to open QuickBooks Desktop once again. Now, check if the company file is accessible from the new folder or not.
  • Open the company file on the computer where the error message appeared.

Hopefully, the problem will be resolved using the above two methods. If the problem still remains in your folder, you can get in touch with us via QuickBooks Live Chat Support.

We also have a Toll-Free Number . You can drop an email on our Official Email ID support@accountinghub.co