QuickBooks is Not Responding or It has Stopped Working

QuickBooks is Not Responding

QuickBooks is not responding or it has stopped working type popup usually comes on the screen when user tries to open QuickBooks in the system. Here, in this article, I will tell you how to identify the real cause of the issue and what solution you should follow to get issue resolved. If even after this, you find issues with your QuickBooks, you need to get in touch with our QuickBooks technical support team via Toll-Free Number +1844 313 4856.

What Causes Error “QuickBooks Not Responding?”

  • Hard Drive – Damage or Corrupt
  • Program Files – Damage or Corrupt
  • Low system resources
  • Installation error
  • The company name is longer than recommended.
  • The QBWUSER.INI file is damaged/missing.
  • QuickBooks Desktop or program files are damaged.
  • Windows operating system is damaged.

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Not Responding or It has Stopped Working

It is very common issue and all you need to follow some basic steps to get issue resolved. If you still face any issue even after following this step, connect with us via Live Chat Support that you will find in the down-right corner.

  • First, you need to restart your computer
  • Now, try to open your QuickBooks Desktop Software

You can also Use Shortcut Keys to Open QuickBooks Desktop Software

  • Go to Start –> click on All programs –> Select QuickBooks
  • Now, long press control key and then open your QuickBooks.

Method 1: Restart Computer

  • At first, you need to restart your computer.
  • Once you restart your computer, try to open QuickBooks file in your system and check whether there is any issue in it or not.

Method 2: Download QuickBooks Component Repair Tool and then run it

Method 3: Delete/Rename QBWUSER.INI file

If you Delete or Rename QBWUSER.INI file, all the information that is in your list will be erased. The information must have been in the previous company file.

Continuous Press Windows key and E together from your keyboard and then open Computer window

  • In the top left corner, you will see “Organize” tab, click on it –> Click on folder and then search options.
  • Now, choose the ‘View’ tab.
  • Now, go to the Advanced Settings, then go to Hidden files and folders, show hidden files and folders and select Ok.
  • Now, open My Computer and follow the path in C: drive
    • C:\Documents and Settings\ [user name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]
  • Right-click on the QBWUSER>INI file and then select Delete/Rename

Method 4: Uninstall the program and clean install tool to re-install the program.

If any update were available, it will get you update. Hence, your problem will be solved.

Method 5:  Use different folder to open the company (Use it if sample file or any other file does not open)

There may be issue with your company file that it gets corrupt due to certain reasons. The issue is with your system. You should consult Technical Support Team and follow the suggestion they give to resolve the issue

  • Press Windows key and E together. This will open the Computer Window.
  • Here, you need to search the data file. Now, find .qbw file extension in the data file (. mycompanyfile.qbw). Now, try to search the file which is in the network server and then go to the network drive. It must have location of the data file (X:\QBdata).
  • Once, you get the company file, to copy the file, right click on it.
  • Go to the C: Drive to make a new folder in it.
  • Give name to the folder: QBTEST.
  • Now, open the same folder and Paste the file (company) here that we have mentioned above
  • Now, long-press CTRL Key and open QuickBooks.
  • Here you need to click on Open and Restore Company File and then check the folder you just made by following the path C:\QBTEST.
  • Now, try to open the company file that you just copied.

Method 6 Using QB Install Diagnostic Tool

  • After downloading the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, it must be saved to the user’s desktop, when prompted. Now, all running programs must be closed and QBInstall Tool run.
  • The tool may take up to 20 minutes to run completely based on internet speed and the computer’s processing power.
  • After the tool has run, the computer must be restarted, so that the components are fully updated.

Second solution: Restarting computer and disabling anti-virus temporarily

  • After rebooting the computer, QuickBooks Desktop must be opened.
  • If the error recurs, the anti-virus must be disabled temporarily. A QuickBooks expert must be contacted or the anti-virus’ documentation must be referred to for disabling it.

Method 7 Renaming the QBWUSER.ini file

  • When the QBWUSER.ini file is renamed, the list of previously opened company files is deleted. So, users have to manually open the company files.
  • To rename the QBWUSER.ini file, users must open the folder containing the file. If the folder isn’t visible, users might have to enable all hidden files and folders (please ask our Accountingissue QuickBooks Technical Support Team how to do this).

Location: \Users\[Your user name]\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]

  • Now, users might right-click on the QBWUSER.ini file and choose Rename. Then, they must add ‘.old’ to the end of the file’s name.

For example: QBWUSER.ini.old

Next the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file must be renamed.

Following the renaming of the QBWUSER.ini or the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file, users should try to open a company file:

  • If the sample file can be opened, but no the company file, users must copy the file to another folder and try to open the file there; the folder should be a local folder and not located in a network. If the company file can be opened from the changed location, the error might be due to a damaged folder or folder permissions.
  • If users are still unable to sign into the file, the company file is probably damaged. In such a case, users must try to restore a previous backup of the file.
  • If the sample company file can’t be opened or QuickBooks can’t be started, the original QuickBooks installation has been damaged.

Method 8: Reinstalling QuickBooks via clean install

NOTE: Before QuickBooks is uninstalled, users must have their QuickBooks Desktop download file or the installation CD and license numbers at hand.

1 : Uninstalling QB Desktop

  • First, users must press Windows + R for opening the Run command, where they must type Control Panel and select OK.
  • Then, they must select Programs and Features (in case Control Panel is located in Category View, choose Uninstall A Program).
  • Next, choose QuickBooks from the list of programs and select Uninstall/Change. Now, follow the instructions for completing the process.
  • If an error occurs and users can’t uninstall QuickBooks, a QuickBooks expert must be contacted because the error indicates that the Windows operating system is corrupted.

2 : Renaming the installation folders

Users can use the QB Clean Install Tool for automatic renaming of the folders. But there’s also the option of manually renaming the QuickBooks Installation folders.

Downloading and running the QB Clean Install Tool
  • After downloading the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.exe file, it must be saved on the system’s desktop. Now the exe must be opened and then, users must accept the license agreement.
  • Next, after choosing the QuickBooks version, users must choose Continue.
  • Then, when the message “QuickBooks is now ready for a clean install, please install to the default directory” appears, users must choose OK.

Manually renaming the installation folders

  • The Windows Explorer must be used for showing all hidden folders and renaming all the folders locations that are listed for the user’s Windows version.
  • Ideally, ‘old’ or ‘damaged’ must be added to the end of the folder’s name. Doing so prevents QuickBooks from recognising the folder to make a new one.

Location of folder :

  • C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks (year)
  • C:\Users\(current user)\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks (year)
  • C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks(year)
  • 64-bit version C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks (year)

3: Reinstalling QuickBooks

Creating a new Windows admin user

Our Accountingissue QuickBooks Technical Support Team can show you how to do this.

To get QuickBooks Assistance


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QuickBooks is Not Responding

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