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QuickBooks Missing Name List Problem

This article is about the QuickBooks error: Missing Name list Problem. The Missing Name List Problem occurs when users open a company file.

Steps For Fix QuickBooks Missing Name List Problem

Running The QuickBooks File Doctor


  • Users might receive a prompt for running the built-in File Doctor in QuickBooks 2016 and later editions. IF this happens, the latest version of QuickBooks File Doctor must be used.
  • QuickBooks File Doctor is only compatible with Windows.
  • First, the QuickBooks File Doctor must be downloaded. Before the download, any previous versions of the File Doctor must be uninstalled.
  • Once the download is over, users must double-click on qbfd.exe and follow the instructions on the screen for installing the File Doctor.

NOTE: If Windows 10 users can’t install the File Doctor, they should enable Microsoft .Net 3.5

After installation, the QuickBooks File Doctor will open automatically. If it doesn’t users must look for a green wrench icon in the task bar.

Then, users must locate the company file from the drop-down list; this is based on the last 10 companies opened by user. If the company file isn’t on the list, users must select the Browse button and manually locate the file.

Next, users must choose one of these options:

  • File damage and network connectivity: If users feel that the company file is damaged
  • Network connectivity

Users must then enter the admin password for the company file when there’s a prompt and select Next.

Then, users will be prompted for selecting Host/Server or Workstation. Users must ensure that the right option is selected.

  • If the File Doctor is run on a workstation (QuickBooks file is physically not stored/hosted in this computer), select Workstation.
  • If File Doctor is run on a server (QuickBooks file is physical stored on this machine), select Server. Users must also select Server if there’s no other user and QuickBooks is used in only one system.

If users are prompted to share the company file, they must select one of these options:

Yes: If File Doctor is run on the computer that hosts the company file; this option must be selected only if File Doctor is run on the server or host computer

No: If File Doctor is run on a computer that’s not host to the company file

Now, users must wait till QuickBooks File Doctor completes the diagnosis.

NOTE: If users selected the data damage and networking option, they must wait till the tool’s process is completed. Based on file size and if the file is local or on a network, the diagnosis and repair will take time. The network only mode will take only 1-2 minutes.

Post Repair And Diagnosis By QuickBooks File Doctor

Once the diagnosis is completed by the tool, File Doctor must be closed. Irrespective of what’s on the results screen, users must try to open the QuickBooks file to check if the problem has been fixed.

But if the issue isn’t fixed, then users might have to restore a recent backup and use Auto Data Recovery.

Restoring A Backup Company File

NOTE: After a company file is converted to a later QB version, it can’t be opened in an earlier version. If the previous QB version has to be used, the backup file created with that version can be restored.

  • In the File menu, users must choose Open Or Restore Company, then choose Restore A Backup Copy, followed by Next.
  • Next, users must select Local Backup, followed by Next.
  • Then , users must choose the backup file’s location from the Look In drop-down. Next, users must choose the backup file from the folder The file name should be: [Company Name].qbb.
  • Next, users must choose Open, followed by Next. Then, users must select the location from the Save In drop-down where the restored file has to be saved.
  • Now, users must type file name in the File Name section. The Save As Type section will full up QuickBooks Files (*.QBW) automatically. Next, users must choose Save and read and reply to any messages that might appear before restoration.

Restoration Messages

Users must choose NO if the following messages appear:

  • [Filename].qbw already exists. Do you wish to replace it?
  • You are choosing to overwrite an existing company file. Are you sure?

If Yes is selected, the restored file will overwrite the existing file. To prevent this, users must enter a temporary file name with .qbw extension in the File Name section. When it is observed that the restored file is functioning and has the correct data, the restored file can be renamed to the original file name. This will let the original .qbw file to be safely overwritten.

US Users With Assisted Payroll

Recovering lost data with QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

Please contact the AccountingHub QuickBooks Tech Support Team on how to do this.

For any further information/assistance in fixing the error, please call our AccountingHub QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline .


Article Name: QuickBooks Missing Name List Problem
Description: Facing QuickBooks missing name list problem, This article is about the QuickBooks error: missing name list problem. The Missing Name List Problem occurs when users open a company file.
Author Name: George Reagan
Publisher Name:
Missing Name List Problem

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