This article outlines the solution to QuickBooks error 106. QuickBooks provides accounting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. It offers payments, billing and payroll management facilities, as well as cloud functionality.

QB Error 106 is a banking error and indicates that QuickBooks cannot find the user’s account at the user’s bank or any other financial organisation’s website. This generally occurs if the account has been closed.

Solutions for QuickBooks Online Banking Error 106

If the user’s bank or other financial institution account has been closed, then user must choose ‘Need to disconnect? Here’s how to resolve from the QuickBooks Error 106 message.

Then, they must take steps for disconnecting, removing or deleting a bank or credit card account from the Download Transactions page.

NOTE: If users want an account to be disconnected due to some error in the bank connection, they should not disconnect the account’s connection. Even though an account can be disconnected and then reconnected, duplicate transactions or opening balance entries might be downloaded when the account is connected again.

So, users should try to fix the problem by finding information on fixing online banking errors in QuickBooks online.

If the problem is still not fixed, they can contact our AccountingHub QuickBooks Technical Support team.

IMPORTANT: There’s a big difference between disconnecting and deleting an account. If users aren’t sure whether to delete or disconnect an account, they must contact our AccountingHub QuickBooks Technical Support Team.

If the connected account is receiving an update, the option for disconnecting the account won’t be available. Users must wait until the update is completed and then try to disconnect the account.

Disconnecting an Account

  • Users must first choose Banking -> Banking from the navigation bar. Then, they must choose the account to be changed and then choose Edit (pencil) icon and then Edit Account Info.
  • Then in the Account window, users must choose the Disconnect This Account On Save box. Next, they must select Save And Close.
  • The disconnected account will remain in QuickBooks Error 106. But transactions won’t download from the bank to QuickBooks Online.

Deleting an account

  • Users must be fully aware of the consequences of deleting an account.
  • First, users must select the gear icon and then Chart Of Accounts. Now, they must find the account that has to be deleted from the list. Then, in the Action column, users must select the down arrow and then select Delete.
  • Next, it must be confirmed that the account has to be deleted.
  • The account will become inactive in QuickBooks Online and won’t be visible in the Chart of Accounts.

Step to Fix QuickBooks Online Banking Errors

Step 1: Running manual update on user’s bank account

  • From the left menu Banking must be chosen. If only some accounts need to be updated, the unwanted accounts must be deselected. Blue represents the selected bank; grey indicates that it’s not selected.
  • Next, the Update button must be clicked. If there’s a prompt, the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials must be entered and then Continue Update must be selected. Users must do this within 2 minutes of the appearance of the box.
  • Once the update is complete, users will get a notification. If successful, the date of last update and total transactions will have changed.

NOTE: Manual updates will go back 90 days and download all new transactions listed during that time frame. So, if user has to skip any days between updates, the download will still have the latest information when user connects to the account.


  • Certain banks and credit card institutions don’t provide transactions for download till late in the day or the day after.
  • Sometimes, the transaction might be visible on the bank’s website but they won’t be available for download until the transaction is posted.
  • If some transactions are missing, users must wait for a minimum 24 hours before the bank makes them available.

Step 2: Verifying that user can log in to bank website with the URL provided by bank for online banking

  • First, Banking must be chosen in the left navigation menu. Then, Add Account must be chosen from the top right of Banking screen.
  • Now, the user’s financial institution must be located and then in results, the bank must be selected.
  • Next, the link to the bank website must be chosen from the top of the window.
  • A window will appear for the bank’s website. Users must ensure that the accounts can be accessed from this site by verifying that the account summary, account history and account details can be seen without errors.

Step 3: Verifying that the bank doesn’t require any changes

If users can access their accounts by completing Step 2, they must look for a message/notification/alert from the bank, which indicates that there’s some problem.

The message might be about the need to update user’s password, or some security features introduced by the bank that requires user to take some action before proceeding.

Step 4: Waiting for a while before retrying

If all the above steps haven’t worked, then users must wait a while and try again. This provides time to the bank to fix QuickBooks Error 106 issues related to the server.

Step 5: If all the above steps fail

  • If the error persists, users must look for that particular error on the QuickBooks support site.
  • If the Report Issue option is available, users must select it to notify QuickBooks about the error. Sometimes, errors resolve on their own and so, users should wait for some time before retrying.
  • If the error persists even after 48 hours, users should contact QuickBooks Online Support. Meanwhile, users can import the bank data into QuickBooks Online via Web Connect.

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