QuickBooks Scan Manager not Working

QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Working

This article deals with problems related to the QuickBooks Scan Manager. The QuickBooks Scan Manager lets users attach files to invoices, sales receipt, bills as well as other transactions.

The problems with the QuickBooks Scan Manager will be related to setting up the scan manager and scanning documents. Usually, one of these error messages is seen:

  • Could not scan
  • TWAIN driver not found

First it must be checked if a TWAIN-compliant scanner is being used.

Next, it must be checked if the scanner is working. It must be checked if the scanner can be used normally outside QuickBooks. If it can’t be used, the problem might be related to the scanner. In such a case, the manufacturer or an IT expert must be consulted for resolving the problem.

Steps for Resolve QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Working Error

QuickBooks Scan Manager Error 281, 1

Another error related to QuickBooks Scan Manager is error 281, 1. If this error occurs while using the Scan Manager, the following solutions must be tried in the given order.

1 : Users must delete their Scan profiles and create new ones

2 : Changing User Account Control (UAC) settings in Windows

  • UAC enhances the security by reducing the exposure of the operating system to attack by starting with all users running in standard mode.
  • UAC might have to be turned off while fixing QuickBooks problems. But it should be turned on later to prevent security risks.
  • Changing UAC settings in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • First, press Windows + R for opening the Run window, type Control Panel and then select OK.
  • Next, select User Accounts, followed by User Accounts (Classic View). Then, select Change User Account Control Settings. If there’s a prompt from UAC, select Yes to continue.
Now, the slider must be moved:
  • Set slider to Never Notify and select OK to turn off UAC
  • Set slider to Always Notify and select OK to turn off UAC
  • If there’s a prompt by UAC, select Yes to continue.
  • Now, the computer must be restarted.

3 : Repairing QuickBooks and Retrying Scanning

For Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

NOTE: Users mustn’t be confused by references to the Installation Wizard, which in fact runs Repair.

  • First, the computer must be restarted for shutting all programs blocking QuickBooks. Next, the QuickBooks company file must be backed up.
  • First, choose Start, followed by Control panel. In Windows 8 and 8.1, open Search in the Start menu and type Control Panel. Then, choose Control Panel in the results.
  • Now, choose Programs And Features and then choose Uninstall A Program, if needed.
  • If these options aren’t seen, users must choose Programs, followed by Program Features.
  • Next, choose QuickBooks from the list of programs and then Uninstall/Change.
  • Then, choose Continue, followed by Next. Now, choose Repair, followed by Next and wait until the Repair is over.
  • Now, users must select Finish, and if there’s a prompt, the computer must be restarted.
  • Finally, users must also download the current QuickBooks release and US users must additionally download the latest payroll tax table, after opening QuickBooks.


  • Error messages, such as Files In Use, might appear during the repair process. If error messages appear, the following must be done:
  • First choose Ignore (must reboot) and then OK. Ignore might have to be selected many times buy users; the repair should proceed as it is.
  • In case there’s no Ignore button, users must choose Close, and once the repair is over, the computer must be restarted.

4 : QuickBooks must be reinstalled using a clean install, QuickBooks Scan manger set up and the scan tried again

Please call our AccountingHub QuickBooks Tech Support Team on how this is to be done.

If the problem isn’t fixed despite taking the above steps, please call our AccountingHub QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number .