Using QuickBooks with its powerful tools may be a luxurious experience while managing business tasks. But sometimes user faces issues while performing file process with QuickBooks such as saving transactions, creating assemblies, saving changes to list elements, creating a period copy, or other operations. Most of the time the situation “QuickBooks is unable to complete this operation and needs to restart” appear s on the Window.

The issue “QuickBooks is unable to complete this operation and needs to restart” will arise in situations when:

  • When running file operations
  • When using definite fields such as Name, Item, or Account
  • When adding customers

Causes of QuickBooks is unable to complete this operation and needs to restart

The issue “QuickBooks is unable to complete this operation and needs to restart” commonly occurs when the items list contains any damaged items.

Solutions for QuickBooks is unable to complete this operation and needs to restart

In the following lines are the solution steps that you can perform to resolve to issue. You can also contact Our Technical Support Team if you experience any problem while performing the given steps.

Solution 1

If you are experiencing the issue while attempting file operations, you need to verify the data. Follow the given steps:

  • Open the File menu
  • Click on Utilities
  • Click on Verify Data
  • Find out the possible cause of the issue.
  • If you see that the opened file is damaged, you need to attempt data damage troubleshooting.
  • Run the Rebuild tool
  • If the Rebuilding tools don’t resolve the issue check the qbwin.log file.
  • Check each list carefully for any problem

Solution 2

If you are experiencing the issue while trying to use specific fields such as Name, Items, and Account, follow the given steps:

  • Open the Lists Menu
  • Highlight the list you are going to work on
  • Right-click the selected list and click  on Edit
  • At the at end of the name or item insert “1”
  • Press on OK
  • Next, create another item having the same name
  • Select the original item and select Edit
  • Now erase “1” and click on OK
  • QuickBooks may need your permission to merge the name/item
  • Select the OK tab to confirm

Solution 3

If you are unable to add customers and encounter this issue, you can perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • Attempt to restore the previous backup.
  • You can also choose a specialized solution to professionally repair the Data

Contact for Professional Data Repair

The professional data repair process is an uncomplicated process taken to resolve the issue easily for you.

The Professional Data Repair Process

Connect with our well-skilled expert for guidance you in performing the professional data repair process. You will get a link on the company official website to upload or transfer the file that needs repair.

The professionals then start repairing the damaged file. Once the file is repaired, the expert will examine the file carefully and then you will be contacted back and notify you of the repair. You will receive a link to download the restored file.

You need not worry about violation of privacy, as your data is safe in proper hand. And once the damaged file is repaired, your file is deleted from the professional’s database.

To know more feel free to call us at +1844-313-4856 or send us a mail on our email address [email protected]. We are also available via QuickBooks Chat Support on our Website.