QuickBooks accounting software offers unlimited financial and accounting services to the users, with its carefully crafted features. Although, sometimes, errors such as ‘QuickBooks Unable to display accountant’s changes’ may interupt the software services for a duration. Calling in the QuickBooks professionals, through their tech support helpline can resolve the issue.

What does ‘Unable to Display Accountant’s Change Error Signify?

The QuickBooks software allows both the clients and the accountants to work on an ‘ACCOUNTANT COPY’. The ‘Accountant change file’ or the.QBY file is the exported version, which displays the changes made or created by the accountant. When a client is working on the company file, they can import these changes. (only if the users have not removed the accountant’s copy-restriction’.

The ‘QuickBooks unable to display accountant’s change error’ arises when the users are viewing, exporting or importing the changes from the accountant’s copy file. QuickBooks technical support team can resolve the error immediately, with a few troubleshooting steps. However, if you would like to try it from your end, before placing the call to the Accounting hub technical support, try the below-mentioned steps to check if it can be resolved.

Step to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Display Accountant’s Changes

Troubleshooting – 1

Sometimes, having the QuickBooks not updated to the latest version can also create such errors. Update the QuickBooks desktop to the latest version and try again.

Troubleshooting – 2

Deleting temporary files from internet explorer can help too.

To do that:

  • Open the internet explorer, and select the ‘TOOLS’ icon or ‘GEARS’ as per the version.
  • Select the box to parallel to ‘TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES and ‘DELETE’

Troubleshooting – 3

The chart of accounts may contain certain special characters. Removing them can also resolve the error.

Some special characters include: Greater than and less than sign (>,<), Apostrophe (‘), Quotations (“), Ampersand (&)

To Edit:

  • On the QuickBooks page, click the ‘LISTS’ menu and select ‘CHART OF ACCOUNTS’
  • Select ‘EDIT ACCOUNT’ by right-clicking on ACCOUNT’
  • Edit as required, by removing any special characters, and click ‘SAVE AND CLOSE’

Troubleshooting- 4

If the changes incorporated on the accountant or the changes recorded are done by using the ‘GENERAL JOURNAL ENTRIES’, you can send the journal entries, and import them into the QuickBooks company files. This helps any changes or any journal entries created by the accountant into company files, easily.

Try this only if all changes are done using General Journal entries. Call our QuickBooks Premier Support to know the details regarding this feature.

Troubleshooting – 5

Another way to resolve the ‘Unable display accountant’s changes’ error is by reconverting the accountant transfer file or the.QBX file and again making the ‘ACCOUNTANT CHANGES’

To do this:

Open the.QBX file (original) to help create another new.QBX file

  • From ‘FILE’ menu, click ‘OPEN OR RESTORE COMPANY’
  • QBX file, and click ‘OPEN’
  • Save the file to any desired location. Pick a different location from that of the original.QBX file
  • Now, again make all the changes to the new.QBX file created, and export the ‘ACCOUNTANT’S CHANGES’ to check if it works

Contact AccountingHub for QuickBooks Support

Even if, after doing all the above troubleshooting steps, if you are not able to resolve the error and are getting the error message, call in for QuickBooks expert help. The QuickBooks Enterprise Support team is available 24/7 on the numbers provided. The QuickBooks helpdesk experts in the accountinghub.co will be able to guide you through the troubleshooting steps and help fix the error immediately. Also, relate to them the troubleshooting steps that you have tried so far, to make it easier for the experts to understand your problem and fix the error accordingly.