QuickBooks Won’t Open or Doesn’t Start Error

QuickBooks Doesnot Open

Whenever this error occurs, QuickBooks won’t open or Doesn’t start error sometimes it starts partially. The Error says that you must have invalid/damaged or destroyed company file. It must have been damaged in the last working session of QuickBooks. The situation follows sudden shutdown of power instead of proper shutdown procedure and corrupt your QuickBooks files. You may also be facing issues with your internet connection or your pointer freezes to respond to your command.

It usually takes place and system hangs when QuickBooks tries to open the data file automatically. The system may also be subject to sudden shut down.

Causes of QuickBooks Won’t Open or Doesn’t Start Error

  • Long company file name.
  • Damaged or Missing QBWUSER.INI file.
  • Corrupt or Damaged Hard Drive.
  • Damaged or Corrupt Program files
  • User using previous version or it is not the latest version
  • Damaged or Corrupt Operating system

To identify the real cause of the error, you need to find out what caused sudden shutdown of the system.

Solution for QuickBooks Won’t Open or Doesn’t Start Error

Follow simple steps of procedure to resolve the issues effectively. Don’t miss any of the step from the procedure. If you fail, the error will overpower the solution procedure.

Solution 1:

  • Find QuickBooks Component Repair Tool on internet and download it.
  • To run the application, you need to download it.
  • Disable firewall or antivirus and restart your system.
  • Rename the file QBWUSER.INI.
  • Use clean installation tool to reinstall software.
  • Use different location to start your company/data file.
  • Here you need to create a new Admin user in Windows.

Solution 2:

Overrun QuickBooks Desktop

If you find corrupt or damaged QuickBooks Company File, the first things you should be assured of is that your software is working. Your software may try to open any company file of previous version. So, it is very important to cordon off your software from doing so.

  • Right-click the QuickBooks icon, long press the control key and then click on Open.

Key point: Keep holding Ctrl key until you see Company Open on your screen, it gives you error or it freezes.

  • Now, try to open company file.

Follow these steps as per their sequence we have mentioned in. If you failed to follow the sequence that we have mentioned above, you can connect with us. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor and his team are very proficient in providing best service all the time. To avail our services, you need to get in touch with our technical support team via any of the mode we have made available. Connect with us via QuickBooks Live Chat Support which is available on our website or drop email on our official email address support@accountinghub.co. You can also connect with us via our Technical support Toll-Free Number 1844 313 4856