Are you getting bothered by recurring Error: “You have reached the maximum allowed connections to Sage 50 Accounting? There could be several reasons that perhaps is triggering this error type.

In this article, we shall be elaborating in detail the main causes of Error: “You have reached the maximum allowed connections to Sage 50 Accounting and some ways to fix the same.

Causes of the Error: “You have reached the maximum allowed connections to Sage 50 Accounting

Here are some of the reasons that could be prompting this sort of error:

  • Set up a single user license.
  • Other software applications that count on Pervasive.
  • Pervasive working as pre-load on the server.
  • Pervasive not using correct user count in SageReg.exe for Quantum.
  • Incorrect installation of Pervasive or Sage 50.
  • Sage 50 SmartPosting service functioning on non-Quantum version.
  • Pervasive service is disappeared due to a corrupt or partial Pervasiveinstallation.
  • Outdated anti-virus.
  • Latest Service Release missing.
  • Wrongauthorizations on the shared data folder.
  • Inaccessible files in data path or your business.
  • Connection issues with the server.
  • Multiple PCs with the identical system name.

Solution – Error: “You have reached the maximum allowed connections to Sage 50 Accounting

Section I: Single-user license or an installed third-party application that counts on the Pervasive database

  1. If you have a single-user release, the app cannot be setup on a network.
  2. The Sage data must be kept on a local drive of the system where software is setup.
  3. To make use of Sage over a network, buy a multi-user license.
  4. You need to multi-user license if using different application that also counts on Pervasive

Section II: Sage 50 SmartPosting service functioning on non-Quantum version (thoughhave a single-user license)

  1. A dedicated server will use a Pervasive license if the SmartPosting service (any release) is functioning on the server. With the Quantum version, you should add a new license to Pervasive so that SmartPosting can function without snooping with the existing number of licenses.
  2. To rectify this problemdiscontinuethe use ofSmartPosting service on the server or separatemachine. It is best to deactivate it.
  3. The error could trigger by SmartPostingperforming on a machine on either Quantum or non-Quantum releases, as it should only function on the server.

Section III: Extra user licenses have been procured

  1. Go to Help, About Sage 50, and Confirmright serial number matches to the number of user licenses you have procured.
  2. If the new serial number does not tally, then you have to upgrade single-user license to a multi-user license or add more new licenses.

Section IV: Pervasive functioning as an application on the server

  1. Go to server, find Pervasive.
  2. Do right click on Pervasive and choose Stop Engines and Close.
  3. OptYeswhen asked.
  4. Open the Pervasive service.
  5. Checkit doesn’t reoccur.

Section V: Start Pervasive on the server again

Section VI: Pervasive not carrying correct user count in SageReg.exe for Quantum

  1. Go toserver;do right click on Sage 50.
  2. Choose Properties, Shortcut, and then choose Open File Location.
  3. Find the file SageReg.exe and click twice
  4. Choose Key Status and select Check Key State.
  5. Write the User Count besides the Permanent license sort.
  6. Choose Sage 50 Activation, and then press Activate.
  7. If the activation was complete, come back to the Key Status and choose Check Key State.
  8. Check that the user totalfor the permanent license showingone extra to your subscription level (i.e. 5 user license should display a user total of 6) if you are using Quantum.
  9. If the activation was not complete, fix the activation problem first
  10. Check all of the PCs are able to link.

Section VII: Impaired Pervasive installation

  1. First, uninstall Pervasive
  2. Run Repair tool
  3. Upgrade to latest Service Release
  4. If steps 1-3 do not resolve the problem on the machine, then recap steps 1-3 on the server.

Section IX: Outdated anti-virus

  1. Upgrade your anti-virus subscription
  2. Check Sage 50 runs without errors.

Section XII: Inaccessible files in data path

  1. Close and then Start Pervasive on the server
  2. Find your data path
  3. Remove .lck, .tmp or .ptl files.
  4. Locate company directory
  5. Remove .lck, .tmp or .ptl files.
  6. Restart server and all machines.
  7. Run Sage 50 on the server and all machines, thencheck it runs without errors

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