Sage 300 provides a 360 solution to small and medium-sized industries. In an effort to streamline operations, the Sage 300 provides solutions that give efficient and excellent support to all parts of the business including finance, payroll and many more. Additional to the effortless way the Sage 300 software handles operations within the industry, the Sage customer support team also provides a seamless working condition in case of any technical issues. Sage 300 or Sage ACCPAC or Sage ERP ACCPAC, as it was formerly called, is basically an Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software, with several added features to make it much more effective. While the users may find uninterrupted working conditions, there are times when a technical snag somewhere can make the Sage software pop-up the error messages. One such error message is Error – 49153.

The Sage Accpac or Sage ERP Accpac is the former name of the Sage 300 ERP. It is basically an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It usually works for the small and medium size business which provides the professional services, financial services, public sector and other markets such as distribution and wholesales. As it is a software, the users are bound to encounter some error. One such error is Sage Accpac Error 49153 or error 49153 in Sage 300 ERP. Irrespective of the error, a user can also have some query regarding the software. They can always contact the sage support by calling them on their toll free number.

What is Sage Error 49153?

The Sage Error 49153 is the Sage developer’s error code. It occurs when a user has failed in connecting to the database. Or it can be said that the user was entering the user ID and the password to log on to the Sage Accpac software, but in the end receives the message.

Sage 300 –Cannot access Database Error 49153

The Sage 300 error 49153 appears when the user is not able to get access to the database. The error appears in Sage ERP applications when the user is trying to get access to the files or any other related products. The error message that appears on screen will read:


What does Sage Error 49153 convey?

The error message appears when the user has failed to connect with the database or the login id and the password entered by them cannot find access into the Sage database, thereby resulting in the error message.

How to Resolve Sage Cannot access Database Error 49153

Sage 300 is accessed by everyone across the industry. It is, therefore, advisable to contact the system admin to resolve the issue or if the user id and password used is correct. Also, the system admin will determine if the user is accessible to the SQL database, and resolve the issue at their end.

Alternatively, calling in the Sage tech support team or the Sage technical support team can also help in finding a perfect solution for the issue. The tech team will detect the problems from their end to provide a satisfactory solution to it.

The answer to the Sage cannot access database error 49153 can also be found through little technical corrections at the user’s end. The below-mentioned steps can help in analyzing and solving the technical issue with Sage 300 from the User’s end.

Step for Fix Sage 300 Error 49153

This very generic and common error can be fixed through two solutions, depending upon the problem of the user.

Solution – 1:

Starting the SQL server:

  • Click START and click on the RUN COMMAND
  • On the box appearing, type ‘SERVICES.MSC’ and click ‘OK’ to select the option
  • From the list, pick the SQL SERVER or the SQL EXPRESS
  • Select ‘START’ to begin the process
  • The SERVICE CONTROL pop-up will get closed down on its own and ‘STARTED’ prompt will appear on the screen.
  • Now, repeat the process of logging in to the SAGE 300 software to check if you are able to connect to the database of Sage ACCPAC.

Solution – 2:

If the Sage 300 is not allowing access to the database or not accepting you to enter, it might be due to the problem with the firewall. The below-mentioned steps can help in fixing this issue at the user’s end.

  • To access the database, check the ‘FIREWALL SETTINGS’ installed on your system
  • Now, go to ‘CONTROL PANEL’ and select ‘SWITCH-OFF’ firewall, to uninstall the firewall.
  • Try to access or open Sage 300 application now. If you are able to access it, switch on the firewall again.
  • Alternatively, the firewall settings can be changed completely to allow it to access the Sage 300 database. For this:
  • Go to FIREWALL SETTING and select the option “ALLOW SAGE through the Window’s firewall”
  • Switch- on the option to allow access to the Sage application even when Firewall is active and in place.
  • Pick the option SQL SERVER to add it to the program ‘selected for gaining access through the firewall’

These two solutions will completely resolve the Error 40153 issue of Sage 300 software.  In case if the problem persists, call in the Sage technical support for more help on fixing the issue. The Sage Accounting Software customer support team provides 24 * 7 supports on their customer care numbers. Emailing the team on the official email id will also help in fixing the error for the user.

Another error which occurs while operating Sage TimeSlips is the “Sage TimeSlips your database has an error in an index file”.

How to Resolve this Error in an Index File while Operating Sage TimeSlips?

Error in an index file message can be serious and complicated. The Sage 50 technical support team advice a user to contact them immediately for such errors, such it can cause further complications. The Sage tech support team also urges the users to not to repair the error on their own and call in for support, in case if this error message appears frequently.

One of the initial ways to check if the system is really facing the problem is to create a back-up of the files to ensure you do not lose them in the process. Restoring the database is essential before trying resolution. Also, switch-off and restart Sage TimeSlips to check if the error persists.

The best way to go about is to call in the Sage customer care team for support on this issue. While it might take a little while to resolve it, (or instantly, if the issue can be fixed over the call), it will be safer to switch-off all the operations, and wait for assistance.

Sage Error message – “Cannot Access Database error=49153”

It means that the program has started or initiated but when it is trying to establish a connection with the database where all the data of Sage Accpac is stored, for any reason the connection cannot be established. So when the user is unable to form a connection. They send a report to the System Administrator, then the system admin team will then check with user that whether a user is able to access the SQL Database.

Resolution for Sage Cannot Access Database error=49153

It happens to be a very generic error and has many solutions available. This error is basically a connectivity error which states that there is a connectivity issue between the program and the data.So, here are a few methods which will help you to resolve the error 49153 in Sage Accpac.

Method I:

  • Go to the Run Command and then type “Services.msc” and click on the option OK.
  • Now look for the SQL Express which is the SQL server on your system.
  • Now if the status of the SQL Server shows that “Not started”, then you will have to right click on the “Start”, to start the process.
  • As the Service control pop up will close, you will see a dialog box, “Now as you will login to the Sage, users will be able to log onto the Sage Accpac.”

Method II: Check for the Firewall setting

  • Turn the firewall off on the server by going to the control panel of your system, then open the Windows Fireball.
  • Now try to log on to the sage Accpac.
  • If can get connected to the sage software, then go back to the Windows Fireball.
  • Select the option “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall”.
  • Now select the SQL Server from the list.
  • If it is not on the list, then browse it and add it.

Here are the two methods you can use and try to resolve the issue. You can still try to talk to the customer support for the further assistance.

What is

AccountingHub is the alternative sage customer support. Users can also contact them when they are unable to connect with the Sage customer support. AccountingHub are a team of Sage technical experts who will guide you throughout the Sage errors you are facing and help you in resolving. You can contact them by calling on their toll free number .