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Sage 100 Contractor Audit Errors

The Audit Error in Sage Contractor happens due to multiple reasons like when multiple calculations are attempted for an employee or when a payroll record was not applicable for a person. And, also the problem happens when the repair of the company file is not done correctly.

Before attempting to resolve the Sage 100 Contractor Audit Errors it is important to understand the right cause of the error by reading the error message carefully.

Reason for Sage 100 Contractor Audit Errors

When a particular “Period” is closed and the default posting period is advanced to the “Next Period”. This Next Period happens to be the next fiscal year, then the Sage 100 Contractor will try to audit all transactions and verify and match all the transactions accordingly.

When there is a balance mismatch, the software prompts the use to print an audit report. An audit report makes it easier to identify the error, where and when they appear, and how to get rid of the error.

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Resolving the Sage 100 Contractor Audit Errors

The resolution depends on the type of the audit error

When the Audit Report Mentions an Issue With the Period

  • Open the 1-6 Period and Fiscal Year Management
  • Click on the “Recalculate Balances” tab and make the calculation
  • Click on this button again to recheck if the calculation is correct
  • Run the audit report again and check if the error is resolved

When There Is a Payroll Audit Error

The payroll audit error is the result of number of lines of calculation for the employee or the if the payroll record was void and also no repair attempt was made earlier.

If the error has occurred for more than one employee

  • Open 5-3-7 Payroll Audit
  • Select Repair to resolve the error occurred for the employees

If The Error Exists For A Single Employee –

  • Open the Contractor and then Open 5-2-1 Employees
  • Open the record of the employee whose records are affected
  • Select Options > Click on Audit Payroll For This Employee
  • Click on Repair to repair the opened record

You can repeat the step twice to ensure that the problem is rectified.

General Audit Error

If there is an audit error that prompts you to change the fiscal year then you can try the below steps.

  • Open the 1-6 Audit/Close Books and Select Repair
  • Once done, Click on Yes for printing an audit report
  • Select Grid Printing > File > Print as it is easier to resolve the error by reading the report

For Sage 100 Contractor versions 14 and above

  • Open 1-6 Change Period/Close Books and select “Recalculate Balance
  • Check if the problem persists once the step is completed by clicking again on “Recalculate Balance
  • Click Yes to the audit report and check if the balance is resolved

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Article Name: Sage 100 Contractor Audit Errors
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sage 100 contractor audit errors

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