Sage 2018 Technical Support Phone Number

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Sage 2018 Technical Support Phone Number

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Sage 2018, the recent update released by Sage. The software has come up with advanced features that will help in the growth of all businesses of all sectors and sizes. Sage 2018 showcases extraordinary features with its recent update. The software features is developed with monochromatic color contrasted with white color as spaces provides a classic flat appearance that endorses its adaptability with high resolution monitors with a variety of window sizes. The toolbar with arrow on both the sides allows access to all the other tabs that are displayed on the toolbar.  The brand new appearance embellished with latest features gives an easy understanding to the users with technical and non technical expertise. The easily approachable dashboard, simple navigation within the software provides exceptional services that suits the business needs perfectly. The rich features allows you capture picture and mention the transaction details provides easy usability of Sage 50 software.

Sage 2018 Support

Benefits of Sage 2018:

  • Sage accounting program is easy to approach by the small, medium and large size companies.
  • The integration with Office 365 authorizes the user to access Microsoft 365 business edition.
  • The brand new features helps the users to navigate the links and features of the software to use the software properly.
  • It can connect with OneDrive account helps in saving automatically all the pictures and bank transactions with details to your OneDrive account directly.
  • The new Pay Now feature helps the users to create and email the invoice out of Sage One on system or mobile app helps it for financial purpose.

Newly Added Features – Sage 2018 Version

  • Remote access with Sage drive- The Sage drive can be approached through remote access that helps your data to be accessed on the go along with you accounting professionals.
  • Cloud backup with Microsoft 365 Office: Especially with the premium edition of Office 365, the authorizes the user for online backup of Sage company data.
  • Payment and Mobile Invoicing – With the Pay Now feature allows the users to create and email the invoice out of the Sage One out on a computer or mobile app makes it a better suggestion for financial purpose. You can make the online payment via debit card and credit card.
  • Sage capture- This new feature update of Sage 2018 allows the user to click photos and provide the details of transaction through your iphone/ipad. Further the pictures can be imported to Sage 50 and the data automatically gets stored in OneDrive.


For further doubt and query related to Sage 2018 version you can contact It is a reliable support agency that hires top Sage professionals who are capable of providing latest information on Sage 2018 with their in depth product knowledge. You can connect with the team via the toll free support number 1844-313-4856 and garner the best Sage 50 support in very short time.

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