Sage 2019 Error no Email Program or Default Profile Could be Found

Sage Error No Email Program

In your Sage account, you are getting the error no email program or default profile found. Then you need to do the solution to fix this error. Here you get to know the more reasons for this error and also the solution to resolve it. You need to check the configuration of the web-mail in the Sage software.

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Reasons that Cause Sage 2019 Error no Email Program or Default Profile Could be Found

  • You are using the office version of windows.
  • ptrs is damaged.
  • Webmail you are using not setup in Sage.
  • MS office is outdated version that you are using.
  • Security level of Outlook and sage is not same.
  • Outlook is not a Default email client in your system.

Solution to Fix Sage 2019 Error no Email Program or Default Profile Could be Found

Using webmail

    1. Go to the Maintain menu and then click on the Email setup
    2. Now click on the option Use a Webmail account
    3. Then select the link Add account information
    4. Enter the email address in the type of email service field
    5. If you have selected the other in the field then do provide the SMTP port and server both

MAPI compliant email program is using

    1. Check that email is activated or not
      1. In this check and verify that the email program is activated.
    2. Email address must be properly formatted
      1. Select the option named Maintained then click on the customers
      2. Choose the desired customer

Sure that the email address is formatted easily.

  1. Microsoft Outlook run as Administrator
    1. Right-click on the program
    2. Then open the properties of the program

Now click on the Advanced button

  1. Click on the Run as Administrator
  2. If it don’t have the compatibility tab then do select the troubleshoot compatibility
  3. The additional permissions are needed by the programs

Do click on the Wizard and then finish.

  1. Windows Profile is damaged
    1. Create new user profile on Windows
    2. Do check the process that it works under the new profile that you just created or not

You need to setup the email account in the new user profile.

  1. The process of Outlook.exe is hang
    1. Go to the Task Manager
    2. Now in the Details tab locate the file Outlook.exe

Select the Outlook.exe file and then click on the End Task button

  1. Open the Outlook and try to send the email from the Sage 50 software.
  1. Reinstall email Writer
    1. If nothing works uninstall and then reinstall the Sage 50 software.

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